Why Was Valentino Khan So Quick To Sign Juan Mata?


Why Was Valentino Khan So Quick To Sign Juan Mata?

UFA is the capital city of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River, which is one of Russia’s biggest cities in terms of total area covered. In the time of the Mongol domination, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt in modern day Turkmenistan. Today it is a major fishing port city. The main international airport of Russia is at Sheremovsk.

This club was formed in 1991 when Kerry Hyder took charge as the new President of Ufa. Under him, the club underwent major changes. After several years, Hyder left and two more right handed men took over the club leadership. These men were Vitaliy Kovalenko and Vasili Oschepkov. They managed to transform Ufa into a completely different club from what it was during the time of Kerry Hyder.

In 1992, Hyder brought a team of thirty players with him to play for the new club. They had just signed one-year contracts and had just started playing after two years. They lost their first game in their second year and went on to lose eleven more games, the most by any team in the entire history of Ufa. However, they have since become one of the best teams in the country.

Most important of all is the fact that the team has finally signed a one-year extension to its deal with Ufa Sports Enterprise. On the day that this news broke the club was valued at almost six million rubles. Of course, this figure will vary depending on how much the Russian market values the ruble. However, it is safe to assume that the club’s value has increased quite significantly, enough to justify such a valuation. The same happened with FCzyndstvo, another top club in Ufa.

When the clubs finished placing third and fourth in the previous two competitions, they were granted automatic qualification to compete in the Kontinental Premier League. This gave them the chance to sign a one year contract with an option for a further one year. Considering the kind of money involved, one would have to say that the transfer fee alone was sufficient. However, the amount of money involved did not stop the club from going on a spending spree in the summer. The owners saw no reason to not sign up Vitaliy Kovalenko and Vasili Oschepkov for one year and two years, respectively, as soon as they saw their potential. The decision not only allowed them to sign seasoned internationals like goalkeeper Fabio Capello but also gave them the opportunity to sign up some new talents.

Despite the fact that Valentino Khan, the current President of Ufa, has never actually set eyes on the club, he has definitely given his blessing for the club to move forward. It should be noted that the transfer fee which Ufa paid to Vitolabalamic did not stop them from signing up former Chelsea star Juan Mata. They are hopeful of landing a world renowned striker, possibly on a five-year or seven-year contract, who can help change the image of Ufa from being a team on the rise to one of the favourites in Russian sport. There is no doubt that signing Fabio, whom Valeriy Zverev failed to sign when he was still at Chelsea, will make Ufa fans smile once more.