Why Was Ufa Purchased With a One-Year Extension?


Why Was Ufa Purchased With a One-Year Extension?

UFA is among the most prominent cities in Russia, formerly known as Archangel. It is now one of the major economic, cultural, financial, educational, and political centers of the nation, a vital transportation hub, situated about 1,350 kilometers southeast of Moscow, about half way between the Volga River and the North Sea. In fact, it is Russia’s largest city and a major tourist spot in the world, visited by millions each year. Its fame and popularity have brought about a vast variety of sportbooks, offering a wide selection of gaming possibilities to all its visitors.

The main city in Ufa is Saint Petersburg, where the Ufa athletics Complex is located. It is home to numerous sporting and recreational facilities such as an ice skating rink, an indoor ski slope, a roller skating rink, a basketball court, a golf club, a swimming pool, and a tennis center. Among these, the Ice Arena, which serves as the main arena for winter sports events, hosts most of them, including the world championships every year. Besides these, there is also a football stadium, a multipurpose gymnasium, a convention center, a theatre and a concert hall. Besides this, there are numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs for recreation, making Ufa one of Russia’s best-kept secrets.

On the whole, Ufa has about 700,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth-most populated city in Russia. The people are divided into five districts: a western Ufa, formerly known as Archangel; a district called Barnaul; a district called Tverklon; a district called Nizhni-Vorkhistorie; and one more. Each of these is responsible for maintaining its particular culture, with the exception of Barnaul, which is responsible for maintaining its western part.

In 2006, a law was signed by the then President of Russia, Mr. Medvedev, granting the city of Ufa an additional 700,000 inhabitants. Although many experts predicted this happening, nobody could have predicted how fast and how soon the city would grow after the grant was signed. Within one year, more than double the number of Ufa residents had come to live there. In addition, in the following two years, even more people will decide to move to this fantastic new city. As a result, already existing buildings in Ufa have increased by three times, and new housing starts have been considerably increased.

The question of when exactly the city decided to sign the agreement granting it an additional 700,000 inhabitants was not answered immediately, but it can be safely said that it was somewhere in the late twenties. Some say that it took two or three years to reach such a decision, but experts consider that it took much more time, because in those days it was not such a popular destination for expatriates. This is why only a few people actually lived there, while on the other hand, hundreds of thousands are now enjoying their new home. Another interesting fact about Ufa is that, from the beginning, it was not built according to the building codes of some of its neighbours. Even today, some buildings in Ufa are not designed according to any set of regulations, and this is the main reason why there are no buildings that have gone up in this region in over two hundred years.

However, the growth of Ufa did not stop with the signing of this extension. When the economic conditions were much better, Ufa started a large-scale construction programme, creating a series of new buildings, including several luxurious hotels and resorts. All these buildings were financed with borrowed money, coming from various banks and financial institutions, which had granted huge extensions to Ufa’s land. The results of these financial efforts resulted in a considerable rise in property prices, allowing more people to afford them. And today, when you consider all of its advantages, you will understand why Ufa is considered by so many as a perfect place to buy real estate.