Who is Ogor?

“Colors of a Youth,” a short film for the PSP by Al Ray Media (aired on RT) is an animated look at life in the Al Gabel Street neighborhood in Beirut, where the Lebanese Army is headquartered. “Colors of a Youth” features the neighborhoods of Bab Terrezzia, Talaa Kebira, and Soufriya as featured characters. In addition to the neighborhoods, this short film provides brief clips of history, sports, life, everyday events, and even some celebrity gossip from certain individuals who are seen in the video.


A scene from the movie includes the members of Hezbollah being briefed about what sort of activities they might want to carry out in solidarity with the government of Lebanon. Among the choices suggested are street celebrations and sporting events in support of the resistance. As one Hezbollah member puts it, “The Resistance will stay and fight until the last Lebanese soldier has died. We will burn down the American embassy in Syria and cut off the heads of anyone who tries to occupy our land.” The Hezbollah resistance continues its takeover of the suburbs of Beirut, and although they claim they are not involved in any violence, residents of both sides of the Lebanese border fear that the civil war is coming to the soonest. In the movie, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Nasrallah threatens that the resistance will target the port city of Rasputia, which is controlled by the Russian navy, the US Fifth Fleet.

One of the main characters in “Colors of a Youth” is Russian Major Alexeyevich Chiriches who is based in the southern part of the country near the Turkish border. He served in the GRU and later in the special forces of the SVR and is an instructor at the Special Forces School in Kursk. Alexeyevich runs a boxing club for youths in the city, where he meets Oleg Sevedov, a boxer from the Bashkortostan region, whose family is originally from the Bashkortostan. Later on, when Russia and Turkey become enemies, Alexeyevich decides to help the Turks and Russia against each other. After a briefcase filled with photos of civilians being killed in a Russian bombardment of a pipeline, he crosses the Euphrates River and goes to Syria to assist the FSA. As one of the few Westerners to enter the country, he quickly finds himself in the center of the struggle.

With the help of some FSA units, including the famous Abu Dhabi Muaythani Group (M.G. ), Oleg and several others to join the fight against the Russian army. A number of FSA units receive military training in the Ural Mountains from a special Turkish college. But when the fighting starts to get intense, they are forced to abandon the area. Their return is captured by the Russian army and they are taken as prisoners. They are taken to the village of Krasnaya in the far south of Russia and given a new name, ‘Ogres’. From there they are forced to dig tunnels and prepare to make a break out of the fortress.

In the meantime, in order to distract his fighters from digging the ditches needed to break out of their prison, Alexeyevich sends them to watch a RTSK-produced movie about a young boy’s dream to become the hockey star of the world. The movie turns out to be the turning point in Ogor’s life, as he realises that he needs the skills and abilities of a world-class ice hockey player. As he trains in Krasnaya he gets to know some of the locals including the son of the village head (Babur). Once the boys have left to complete their training, Babur informs Ogor that he has inherited the Krasnaya ice hockey club.

So it seems that Ogor was sent to the Krasnaya by his father in an attempt to get him interested in hockey. While there, Babur gets to know the other players including Alexeyevich. When they learn that Babur is actually the son of the late Krasnaya’s late father, they all come to admire him and wish to be in his team. After winning the first game of the Ufa League season, Ogor expresses his desire to play for the Ufa as a representative of his family in the Ural region and to win the Ufa Cup.