What Makes it so Famous?

Ufa is among the biggest cities within Russia, also known as Moscow. It’s one of its major cities, a major transport hub, an important agricultural, cultural, educational, and entertainment center, located approximately 1,350 kilometers northeast of Moscow. The main industry is agriculture, followed by petroleum and animal feed production. Most of Ufa’s inhabitants are farmers and herders. As of now, most of them still grow horses for local consumption and sell them to earn revenue.


One interesting characteristic of Ufa is its ability to adapt to changing economic conditions. Although the city center is a modern one, with state-of-the-art shopping malls, it still provides an authentic feel to what Russian people used to live. For example, the village of Nokomis, near the city center, has its own shopping mall, complete with ice-cream shops, movie theatres, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and cafes. However, it isn’t accessible from the metro or other public transports. You must take a taxi to get there.

When it comes to accommodation in Ufa, you can find a variety of accommodations. There are hotels, motels, cabins, dorms, villas, self-catering places, and camping sites, all in the Ufa region. The prices vary, but some are even more affordable than in Moscow. In addition, tourists looking for a relaxing vacation, without spending much money, can find lodgings that are suitable for a holiday trip to Russia, such as bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and camping sites. Tourists looking for a place to stay over winter can also rent a comfortable apartment.

In terms of entertainment in Ufa, there are a lot of historical buildings and monuments, including the Cathedral of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Town Hall, State Museum of Saint Petersburg, Old Town Hall, Volynia Rechkova, Tverskaya, Prime Ministry of Education, Museum of Russian History and Russian Folk Art, etc. The archbishops, princes, admirals, prime ministers, admiralty, military attaches, and heads of state have their offices in Ufa. All these have signed one-year or multi-year leases.

The most popular hotels in Ufa are Hotel Bagavan, Hotel Kroyo, Hotel Pushkontaktory, Komsomolovskiy, Economy Hotel, Peterhof, President, Novosport Hotel, Serena Hotel, Economy Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Epsilon Hotel, etc. In addition, there are some luxurious hotels too: The Kremlin, Hotel Bagavan, Ocean Hotel, Economy Hotel, President, Serena Hotel, Economy Hotel, Grand Hyatt, City Hotel, etc. These are only a few from a variety of hotels. It is said that there are more than seven hundred in the city.

For shopping and dining in Ufa, you can take any of those available options to the capital. You will find everything you need here: Department stores, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, bars, discos, etc. If you are looking for more, you can travel to Tver oblast or Luzhansk oblast, which are located in the South of Russia. Even though they are far from Ufa, you will find them very interesting by the way, as they are located in another world completely, offering different culture, traditions, and lifestyle.