What is a Qualified Transfer?

ufa (abbreviation of: Ufa) is an acronym for Unofficial Fire Arms Dealers Regulation. Ufa is used to refer to the arms dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers who have been authorized by the Russian Federation to conduct business. The term ufa also refers to the equipment used in fire fighting. The term has a double meaning: “weapons” in reference to firearms and “store” in reference to ammunition. In practice, though, the term ufa refers only to the latter.


UFA regulates all manufacturers ofarms including: guns, ammunition, tools (including but not limited to sparklers, lighters etc. ), explosives, chemicals, flies and rodents. QoT (Russians only): A firearm that can be converted into a destructive device. (enery does not count as a destructive device)

QoT: Anything manufactured or sold to a customer that will convert an airsoft gun into a real gun or ammunition. (enery doesn’t count as a real gun) QoT items may not exceed the defined weight. (So if you’re selling a two-year-old stove which weighs four pounds, you can’t sell it under the term “long gun”.) If you want to buy any ufa, you have to get it from a dealer (who must be registered with the Ministry of Defense). Ufa must always be registered with the corresponding military division.

All UFA’s and QoThave have to be registered with the Ministry of Defense before they can be exported to a foreign customer. When you look at a ufa or qoT, you will see a small seal of the assigned government office on the bottom. There are three years and three months designated periods for submitting contracts. Contracts entered into before these periods end will be considered invalid.

QoT: The initials stand for “qualifying contract”. It’s the document used to determine whether the sale is in accordance with the agreement between you and your prospective buyer. For a two years and three months period, a contract must be signed in order to acquire a UFA or become eligible for a QoT. If you enter into a contract after the designated period, you’re not qualified for either. A contract is valid only if it’s signed one-year and three-monthly.

An important thing to note about ufa and qoT is that they’re separate entities. The contract you enter into for either one is not the same contract you get for the other. The sale of an airsoft rifle from a dealer to a private buyer is usually treated as a ufa sale. The sale of a rifle from a person directly to another person is treated as a qoT. The sale of a firearm from a licensed importer to a retail seller is also treated separately.