What Is a Non Standard Federal Air Carrier?


What Is a Non Standard Federal Air Carrier?

The UFA, or Unclaimed Federal Air Grants, program is a key funding mechanism for the National Air Transportation Program (NATS). The UFA is a database used by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), to keep track of all federal air transportation programs. The UFA provides support for air carriers to increase fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while simplifying the administrative process at the same time. If you would like to participate in NATS, then you will need to contact the NADA to apply for an UFA.

How UFA finances are established are also different from other grants funded through a Collaborative Application. Because the UFA only covers all future renewal projects, the UFA does not have the ability to transfer funds between various projects, despite being fundamentally the same. For instance, if you request funds for two years, then you can apply for five years. Once you receive your UFA allocation, you will have to repay it. There are no “buy-down” options available to participants in the UFA.

Applications that fall under the UFA’s National Air Transportation Statistics program are assigned a one-year fixed price and a two-year guaranteed award amount. The price per unit is based on the average fuel rate in the continental United States during the last five years and is subject to inflation. The value of the application form is based on the amount of funds requested and is subject to the availability of funds. Applying under the UEA for either a one-year or two-year fixed rate may be the perfect choice depending on your financial circumstances. If your company relies on an expensive fuel source that is rapidly depleting, then buying under the UEA may be the best option.

You are allowed to request two years of free airfare as long as the company is not a U.S. dependent firm and the non-dependent firm has not received a U.S. certificate of credit from either Citibank Chase, Wells Fargo, or any other commercial lender. In order to apply for this UFA, you must submit all the required documents such as an estimate, contract, receipts, and other necessary information. It is also essential that you attach a copy of the aircraft maintenance log book for each year of service and one certified letter from each parent holding the original U.S. certificate of credit for non-dependent companies.

An approved UFA program holder is entitled to receive one hundred and twenty-two thousand (ixty) passenger miles per year, but you have to get your company’s business account activated so you can actually receive the miles. This is the second highest allotment available under the UEA; the first one is for fifty-eight thousand miles. Those wishing to apply for the one-year pilot program must also submit their airline carrier as well as the estimated cost of fuel for flights in the area that will require you to use this allotment.

It takes three years to become a certified U.S. company, and you must operate your airplane on American soil in order to obtain your one year unlimited mileage status. Only those companies that have actual U.S. based operations may apply for this one-year renewable mileage discount. To apply for your UFA, you must fill out an application that is forwarded to the FAA through their online portal. If you have already applied for and received your UFA certificate, you are not required to re-apply.