What Is a FAFSA, and How Is It Similar to a SMFSA?

What is Universal Financial Aid (UFA)? UFA is the federal assistance that students may receive if they qualify for Federal Student Aid (USAFSA) or a Direct Loan. Federal Student Aid, also known as the SS Favor, is a program offered by the US Government that is used to provide financial aid to undergraduate students coming from low and middle-income families. The way UFA provides financial aid is quite different than other federal financial aid programs. Since the UFA grant covers all new federal student aid programs, the UFA also has special authority to transfer funds among all existing grant programs, even if the applicant does not come from a low and middle income family. This flexibility in transferring funds between federal student aid programs is what makes the UFA so attractive.


What is UFA? The UFA is available in both the form of a loan and a grant. The loan, also called a UFA Direct, can be used for tuition and college expenses; while the UFA grant, also called a UFA Scholarship, can be used for any purpose approved by the applicant.

What is the difference between a UFA and a Direct Loan? The UFA is specifically targeted at those with very limited financial resources and those who do not qualify for SSF or FAFSA. For those eligible for Direct Loans, there is no cap on the number of one-year or multiple-year Direct Loans that they can apply for or receive. A UFA, on the other hand, is restricted to a maximum of two one-year loans. Thus, if a student qualifies for one UFA Scholarship and wishes to apply for another one-year Direct Loan, he/she would have to complete the second one-year UFA application, providing that the earlier application has been fully completed.

What is a two-year or unlimited contract? The UFA provides students with a two-year or unlimited contract. In case of an unlimited contract, a student may not be obligated to enroll in any particular school for two years. Two years, however, are required in order to be granted an unlimited contract, provided that the contract was signed during the first six months of the first year of study at the specific university or college that you wish to pursue a degree at. A UFA is good for undergraduate studies only, whereas an RN-to-BSN ratio of at least 2:1 is required for nursing school.

What is a one-year renewable fafsa? one-year renewable fats enables a student to register in one school term. However, as per the U.S. Department of Education, no more than three years of residence in a particular nation can be counted towards one’s FAFSA credit. For students wishing to obtain their teaching license after having already enrolled in a nation, this one-year renewable FAFSA cannot be used as criteria for evaluation. As per the requirements of the U.S. Department of State, a student who has enrolled for at least five years shall be allowed a one-year renewable passfasa.

So what’s a four-year contract and how does it differ from a FAFSA? The four-year contract is an award made by a state, province or territory in Canada, where an individual student may register for a four-year academic program. An individual student may also apply for a four-year residential contract. In case a student wishes to enroll in a post-secondary educational facility on an international basis, he/she may seek a four-year non-immigrant visa. This would enable the student to reside and study in Canada for four years or less.