What Does a Three Year signed 4-Year Agreement (The UFA) Mean?

UFA or Urmia is the largest city of Bashkortostan region. It is located on the banks of the famous Belaya (White) river and is one of Russia’s biggest cities in terms of total area of land covered by buildings. During the time of Kucheren’s rule, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt. Even today there are still a large number of factories in Ufa. These are not only factories producing automobiles, but electronics as well.


Over the years, Ufa has built its reputation as a great sports betting destination, especially for the sports enthusiasts. In fact, many casinos in the region have their own betting rooms. Besides, in 2021 the first ever World Cup tournament was held in Ufa, which attracted a huge crowd of sports lovers. The venue was chosen by the government, so it was obvious that it will become a very big hit among the people. As a result, the people began organizing bingo games at the stadium. Bingo fever spread and soon there were thousands of people playing this game.

At the moment, the price of crude oil is quite high, so the main buyers of oil are the businessmen. Two years ago, when the price of oil was just about $100 per barrel, many people thought that the time has come to sell their Ufa flats for dollars. However, the opposite happened. Since then, more people bought cheap Ufa flats in order to let them spend more money on other things. The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple: the more money a person earns, the more comfortable he or she feels.

If we look at the figures from the last two years, there were actually three million tourists who visited Ufa, but they spent only one.4 million dollars. This means that out of every three million tourists, only twenty-one million dollars was spent on gambling, car rentals and entertainment. And these tourists came from all over the world! This means that out of every three hundred million people on earth, twenty-one million people came to the City of Light in Ufa! This is amazing! Therefore, if you are an investor with a lot of money, who loves to gamble and enjoy staying in the lap of luxury, then buying Ufa property is something smart and profitable.

The city of Ufa was chosen as the ideal place for businessmen because of its amazing nightlife, friendly people and good climate. Also, the presence of a major international airport is very beneficial for those who want to transfer to other countries. In fact, during the past few years, more than thirteen thousand flights have been delivered to Ufa. Therefore, if you own a business and you want to invest some money in order to bring your business to the next level, then it would be wise to sign the three-year UFA deal before purchasing any property.

A short time ago, I wrote a piece about how QOI investors can benefit from this deal. Therefore, if you want to become one of those successful QOIs, then you should think about investing in Ufa real estate. Last, but not least, if you are an investor who loves to gamble and you want to win a lot of money, then ufa is perfect for you. All in all, ufa is one of those few Russian cities which is a popular tourist destination.