What Are Football Match Facts?


What Are Football Match Facts?

Despite its glamorous and historically significant name, the German-based UFA entertainment agency is a relatively modern outfit, plugging into Bertelsmann, a world-class media conglomerate. It started life in 1978 as a division within Bertelsmann and has grown ever since. As a result, it has built up a considerable name and influence on the leisure market, especially through sportbooks. A regular target of those on the sport book circuit, UFA presents a wide range of titles, ranging from sports and action through sport and racing to comedy and music – an empire which can take some genuine delight from.

As a club sport, bashkortostan is something of a family name. Originally formed in Soviet Russia, the club was officially incorporated in the Russian Football Union (RFS) in 1994, with the capital, Moscow, as its location. Ever since then, it has gone through considerable expansion, with several hundred games being played across Europe, with a further four in Germany and three in England. As a result of this expansion, UFA have often been somewhat overlooked by football authorities, with many believing them to be little more than a backroom operation for the larger international TV agency, which they are. This may perhaps be a shame, as the club has enjoyed considerable growth and success since their incorporation, taking advantage of exposure on European television and attracting a number of high profile stars.

As well as featuring the traditional sportbooks, UFA offers a wide variety of other products, including insurance, sportsbooks, public liability and corporate business services. Despite being technically a third party, the club itself takes responsibility for the conduct of its matchday activities, with each match being assigned to a specially appointed matchday manager and sportbooks. Should anything go wrong or be the subject of any investigation, UFA take full responsibility.

The sportbooks offering UFA service are run by members of the UFA and its league partners, and the service is consequently subject to strict guidelines and a number of rules. As such, UFA regulate all sportbooks, ensuring that only the best operate within the sportbooks industry and ensuring the same high standard is maintained with each and every booking. UFA sportbooks are strongly regulated and signed by UFA officers. Their software ensures that sportbooks are operated within the strictest of guidelines, acting as a quality assurance system for all affiliates of UFA.

The use of sportbooks by UFA matches is both highly convenient and cost effective, with all information being available online. This is especially beneficial for followers of UFA, who would otherwise have needed to contact the relevant authorities and wait for an answer. In addition, sportbooks often offer valuable information regarding game times and result updates, providing a real convenience to followers of UFA, especially if they are travelling and could not check results or receive updates from home.

There are a large number of dedicated sportbooks around the UK, with many more joining in the next few months and years. Many sportbooks offer a range of extras and value-added services, including match details, stats, betting advice and news and TV schedules, which means that UFA customers can customise their subscription to suit their individual needs. For instance, football fans who follow a particular team regularly will benefit from a weekly match report, whilst football fans who prefer to book a venue in advance for a match will find that some sportbooks offer additional services such as confirmation of fixtures, and the ability to book rooms and view fixture lists. Another benefit of a sportbook is the free, regularly updated news archive, which will give UFA supporters the chance to keep up to date with the latest news surrounding their favourite teams, players and national teams. This is also a great opportunity for UFA supporters abroad, and many sportbooks offer the option to email a news alert, or publish news items through their websites.