Was Genghis Khan Seriously In Love With Naia Tanchar To Pay For A 3 Million Contract?


Was Genghis Khan Seriously In Love With Naia Tanchar To Pay For A 3 Million Contract?

Ufa is the second largest city of the autonomous republic of Bashkortostan. It lies on the bank of the Belaya (White) River in the Northern Russian Autonomous Oblast. In the ancient time of the Mongol invaders, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt. The name of this city may have been founded on a legend that a white snake escaped from a snake she had caught and killed a young man. The legend says that the snake lived inside the city walls for twenty years and at the end of that period it turned into a dragon.

In the early centuries the UFA was known as a group of brave and boisterous horse-riding warriors who rode on big horses and protected the cities with their disciplined movements. One of their most well-known heroes was Genghis Khan. According to one popular story, Genghis Khan wanted to test the strength of Ufa troops but couldn’t do so while he was away on one of his fishing expeditions. He sent his son Ismail to test the bravery of these brave and hardy horsemen.

Ismail was deeply enthralled by the UFA and signed three-year contracts with them. He was assigned to guard the town of Nadymeshky and when the contract expired he was given permission by the authorities to settle in Ufa. As a reward for his services Ismail was given a twenty-one-year-old virgin female slave named Naia. She was given the task of looking after the livestock and working in the grain fields. When Genghis Khan died, his trusted lieutenants presented Naia with an option to either leave Genghis Khan’s men and take over his estate or wait for the age of seventy-one, when he would die and be succeeded by his son Kuchiki.

Unfortunately, for Naia she decided to honor Genghis Khan’s dying wish and marry Kuchiki, whom she had never met. When the Mongolian armies camped at Nadymeshky to prepare for the battle that never took place, it was Naia who got up and announced that she was pregnant. Genghis Khan became so incensed that he immediately ordered for her to be thrown off the stage and killed, but she was spared because she signed a one-year contract extension with UFA.

She returned to Urbaan and presented her newborn baby boy to the Khan, who was so impressed by the woman’s courage that he immediately signed her three years’ contract with UFA. The contract was not extended due to her death but was instead extended for another year. When it was time for her to return to Ufa, she was turned down yet again as her husband, Kuchiki wanted her to stay and live with him.

She was not deterred and signed the contract for another one year, which was then extended for the next ten years. When the contract expired, the then acting President of Mongolia, Urgine Tsunkuennin, who was actually her cousin, offered her a chance to return to Ufa. She declined, stating that she had been offered a better position in Ufa than what she had at Kharkov. She was however, forced to give up her three millions which were the entirety of her wealth.