University of Alabama and Smeal College Are Thanking Those Who Helped Them Get Their Start


University of Alabama and Smeal College Are Thanking Those Who Helped Them Get Their Start

As an important part of the National Football League’s (NFL) corporate licensing programs, UFA stands for “Uniform Commercial Airfare Facilitator.” UFA provides support in making tickets and travel arrangements, in planning events, in handling trade shows and conventions, in providing rental cars, in booking hotel rooms, and in the marketing business. The NFL’s corporate partnerships also include with major airlines and retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Circuit City itself.

How UFA helps organizations looking for a means to raise funds is fairly simple. The way UFA allows organizations to raise funds is very different than other grants supported under a Collaborative Candidate. Because the UFA grant covers all new renewal projects, no matter what component type, the UFA essentially has the exclusive ability to move capital across all new and ongoing projects, irrespective of the component type. As an example, instead of only covering the cost of hiring a marketing specialist for a month, the NFL’s UFA can help finance the full salary for a marketing specialist for a one year period. While other grants may only cover part of a marketing specialist’s salary for a one year period, the NFL’s UFA will cover the full salary for that one year period.

The NFL’s UFA and its sister leagues, the NCAA’s Schools Development Fund (SDF), and the Dairy Promotion Fund (Dairy FC) are committed to funding high needs school athletics. The goal is to cultivate young athletes for professional sports by helping them develop skills, master techniques, and learn about academics and the business world. UFA is committed to helping organizations looking to raise funds to understand the importance of the investments they are making in athletes and the programs they run. The UFA also works closely with schools to help them develop programs that will attract more students, keep them from leaving early to pursue academic goals, and help them make sure their student-athletes are well compensated for their talents.

The Dairy Promotion Fund, which also serves the UFA and the SDF, distributes more than $700,000 per year to schools in the four states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New England as well as Ohio and Michigan. According to the organization’s website, “The D Dairy Fund is a private foundation that was created in 1988 as a way for dairy farmers in the Midwest to supplement the state aid for college athletic programs. It was named the nation’s largest private foundation by the Financial Times and has contributed more than one million dollars to college athletic programs in the last ten years alone.”

In addition to the funding that the UFA provides for athletic scholarships, it also provides funding for student travel and other educational expenses. As an example, the organization provided more than one million dollars to the university of Alabama for the construction of a new football practice facility. As a direct result of this funding, thousands of high school football players in the state of Alabama are being given a chance to have access to top quality college athletics. Another great benefit of the University of Alabama receiving this generous gift was that over three thousand professionals in the Alabama music industry were added to their staff, which helped increase the number of new and returning high school students who are pursuing music as a profession.

In addition to the funding offered by the University of Alabama and the Smeal College athletic department, approximately one hundred and twenty colleges and universities throughout the United States receive generous gifts from the ULAA and/or Smeal College athletic departments each year. For example, last year the University of Alabama received a gift from the ULAA worth approximately one million dollars. Smeal College received a gift from the Smeal College athletics department of nearly one million dollars. Over the past few years, Smeal College has been able to significantly increase its academic and athletic departmental revenue by securing over one million dollars in donations and tickets sold, which has allowed it to dramatically expand its facilities and offer new and innovative student services. This all came about when the University of Alabama and Smeal College administrators made the decision to co-brand a soccer program and promote it as a means for both schools to gain exposure and increase revenue.