Ufa Town Hall and Village of Ufa

Ufa is the second largest city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, itself a region within the country of Russia. Being home to a busy commercial airport and a major railway station, it is no surprise that this city has become the capital of Bashkortostan, as well as one of its largest urban regions. Like St. Petersburg, it has a well developed road network and good rail transport links. As stated before, however, it is located on the river banks and is a relatively big city, so it’s no surprise that the most popular sports in Ufa include boating, fishing, sailing and jet skiing.


Besides having a large number of outdoor activities to do, Ufa offers an array of indoor activities too, which makes it a popular place for tourists who want to experience a more “traditional” vacation. There are numerous sporting facilities in Ufa, including a massive ice skating rink, a water park, bowling alleys and a couple of golf courses. Apart from sports and recreation, Ufa also has a couple of amusement parks; a shopping centre, a cinema and a theatre. The winters are cold, but still bearable, so visitors can spend two years in the region enjoying all that Ufa has to offer. The weather in Ufa is rather unpredictable, however, so tourists should take plenty of winter weather into consideration and prepare themselves accordingly.

Boats and crews can enjoy a wide range of water sports off the shores of Ufa, ranging from powerboat racing through to sailing, windsurfing and paragliding. As well as sporting events, the area boasts many cultural attractions, such as museums and art galleries featuring art, historical buildings and paintings, as well as national parks and forests. The village of Ulov becomes the cultural hub of Ufa, housing a museum dedicated to the Russian poet Pushkin, as well as an art gallery, a theatre and a library. The village of Gorodnov, also close to the coast, is home to a resort with a resort hotel. The resort there features two swimming pools, two restaurants and a nightclub.

Visitors interested in the arts will be pleased to know that the village of Ufa also boasts two museums, including a fine arts museum, a cultural museum and a photographic museum. There is a national museum of arts and culture in Ufa, which covers all aspects of Russian and world art. The exact dates for when the village will receive a one-year exemption from the property tax, relating to the completion of a controversial proposed one-year extension, is not known, but the local council has said that work on the extension will continue throughout the year.

Construction on the extension will start on the south coastal part of Ufa, with the railway station, railway freight depot and a new town hall planned. This will mean that freight and passenger traffic will increase each year. A final decision on whether or not the village will get a one-year exemption from property tax will be made at a later date, once the final plans for the expansion are approved. Village leader Denis Lysyevich thinks that the extra tourist money generated by the extra holidaymakers every year will be worth the added investment. He told the Ufa News: “When a railway station, a supermarket and a museum to open in the centre of a town, people come, they spend money and then they go back. The additional tourist money will be good for the economy.”

The mayor of Ufa emphasised that, although the village welcomes all visitors, he wanted to make sure that the bulk of them are local residents. “This is not a trendy place,” he told the Ufa News. “This is a middle class town with a small market. We want to attract tourists who have money but also who have an interest in our culture and who want to mix socially”. He has signed a three-year master plan for the project, with a one-year exemption to property tax on properties within the village.