UFA – The Russian Way


UFA – The Russian Way

Ufa is the second largest town and capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. The town lies in the center northwest of Bashkortostan on the hilltops forming the Vyzhoutka oblast’ in which it is located. Ufa is also known as the “New Russian” city as its cosmopolitan nature and economy. There are many resorts, hotels, and restaurants that make the town a favorite tourist destination. The most famous and popular sport book club in Ufa is named “Vitya”. This club is managed by Roman Benko, who travels all over the world to promote and further the industry.

The best place to find out information about Ufa and the region is the “Federal newspaper”. The main business section is called “Komsomolska”. The news section will give full information about all state and regional government, corporations, companies and institutions of trade in ufa. All these are available free of cost. One can access all these through Internet.

Tourists can have a great stay in ufa city center. The rent of hotels, shops, restaurants and other facilities in the city center is cheap. One can even find a good discount on buying property and other goods in this city center. The city center has various shopping centers including: “Federal store”,” Leninova”, “Zhenya”, “Best bargain”,” Moscow shop”, “Kirov”,” Leninska”, etc.

The best places to go for shopping in Ufa are: “Federal store”,” Leninska”, “Zhenya”, “Best bargain”,” Moscow shop”, “Kirov”, “OVH bookstore”. The “Molode”, “Samovishte”, “apseshet” and “Kondroma” are other good places to visit. The “Federal printing house” in ufa is an important place to visit. The “armement factories” in ufa are the most important for manufacturing armaments. The “ARM Company”, “ZaIKoms” and others manufacture arms.

The ” GPU factory in Ufa” has been set up by the GPU (Union of Struggle of Defense) in 1950. ” GPU” was founded as a criminal organization. At present, it is a State Owned Corporation. The “Federal printing house” in ufa houses almost all publishing houses. The “armament factories” in ufa produce most of Russia’s weapons.

You may visit ufa by rail, sea or air. You can get all necessary information about ufa and about travelling through ufa by searching on the internet. If you have some questions, you can contact the authorities at ufa international airport. There is a bus service from ufa airport to Moscow and also from ufa to bashkortostan.