Ufa Signs Up to Three Million Contract with Gazprom For Tourism

UFA is the administrative capital of the Russian Federation. It is located on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River – the main transport artery of the Russian Federation. When the Mongols came to power, their biggest city was located here, Bashgirdt, on the river bank. Nowadays, UFA is one of the most visited cities in Russia, with a large population of around 5 million. Besides having a thriving tourist industry, UFA is a thriving commercial region and has a very diverse economy.


One of the most popular attractions of UFA is the UFA airport. It is the largest airport in the region with an international airport facility. The airport serves both civilian and military flights coming in to the Russian Federation from all over the world. Besides this, the airport also serves cargo and passenger flights. There are three international terminal facilities at UFA, the longest one being the two-year International Terminal.

Apart from its commercial importance, UFA is home to many other interesting landmarks. It was here that the first ever Winter Olympics took place in 2021. In the games, Russia won the gold, beating out the United States, China, Canada and Norway. Amongst the sporting events, UFA has hosted two-time world champion curling event, the Ufa World Cup, and the bi-continental double header, an exhibition game held in Ufa itself.

The next major sporting event, which was held here was the Football World Cup, the most attended international football tournament in the world. It attracted a record television audience of over 125 million people, which is equivalent to a coverage of about two months of U.S. television. This was the only time when UFA made such an enormous investment on sports infrastructure. In addition, during the process of organizing the event, it was decided that there would be no direct flights to Ufa from Moscow since no oil was available for the flights from there.

A major event which was held in Ufa was the Formula One World Championship. This is a racing championship for motor cars with four wheels. The race in Ufa became the first race in the world to feature two Mercedes engines. A further major sporting event which was held here was the Winter Olympics, which attracted a record television audience of more than twenty-four million people. All the athletes who qualified for the Olympic Games came to Ufa, and it became a venue for their training too. In order to facilitate the athletes, the government signed a three-year deal with the oil company Gazprom, to supply oil to the venues.

Besides signing the three-year deal with Gazprom, the government also signed a deal with the QO Group, a Russian agricultural company. QO Group is part of the huge agricultural sector of Russia, and one of its chief products is wine. The QO group plans to expand its vineyard production and also produce quality wine in the Ufa area. All these activities will support the further development of Ufa as a tourist destination, and the RFA’s plan to turn it into a major international airport, with connection to international airports.