Ufa City Guide, Russian Rail Tours

UFA is the second largest city and capital of the autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan within the Russian Federation. The cosmopolitan city lies on the confluence of both the Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the centre northwest of Bashkortostan. It has a long and interesting history. From the Golden period (the 15th century), UFA was an important cultural and economic centre of the region, being the crossroads between Asia and Europe.


The main city center of Ufa consists of a few neighbourhoods namely, Vologda, Semikhai, Sutsheriy, Vagator and Nizhevsk. The region’s capital city, St. Petersburg, is approximately 90 kilometres by road from Ufa. There are three types of currency accepted in Ufa: the rubles, the pairs of Ufa or the visa notes. St. Petersburg is the largest city and the capital of RSFS and RFZ, the two leading financial institutions in Russia.

Visitors from ufa can take the intercity buses to reach St. Petersburg. There are many bus services available connecting Ufa to the main cities of Russia and beyond. Buses go to Vologda, Semikhai, Sutsheriy, Vagator, Nizhevsk, China Town, Kazanichev, Tomsk, Moscow, Samtorsk, Irkutsk and other cities in Russia. Visitors who book a cheap ufa international airport transfer from ufa may use the same service for the other cities within the region, at a further charge.

Travellers from ufa to Moscow may take a direct bus or a taxi. The buses, which depart from ufa international airport usually stop at the “St. Nicholas” or the Romanovskoy Volya crossing, the biggest shopping street in the region. travellers need to pay the fare in cash or the local currency. travellers may also use the ticket office in Ufa to purchase a ticket for the onward journey to ufa and the rest of Russian regions.

By taxi or car you can reach the village of Ufa, however it is a long journey. The most convenient way to reach Ufa is on the railway station of Ufa itself. From the railway station it is just a taxi ride away to the city. There are buses going to Ufa every day from the Ufa international airport. Buses go to Samtorsk, Semikhai, China Town, Volya and other cities in Russia.

The journey from the airport takes less than an hour, and you can easily hire a car to take you to all the interesting places in Ufa. The prices at all the main tourist centres in Ufa may vary from cheap to expensive. You can ask for a map of the city from the hotel where you are staying. The prices of renting a car and travel from the airport will differ, depending on what attractions are included within your package.