Ufa Apartment Living – A Brief Introduction

Ufa is among the largest cities in Russia, also known as the capital of Bashkortostan Republic. It is a port of cruise ships, grain elevators, grain trains, grain deliveries, and other freight shipments. It is also one of the leading economic, technological, religious, and cultural centers of this country, an important transportation hub, situated about 1,350 kilometers southeast of Moscow. It was created to exploit the huge Chudinov Sea, connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Volga River and the Sea of Okhotay. It also has a port of heavy industry and a port of call for expeditions, military exercises, and other sea activities.


The city center of Ufa is built on the Black Sea coast. The railway station of Ufa is the main junction for rail transportation, with the most important transport arteries being the railway station of Ufa, the train station of Sheremetyev-Kulak, the airport of Ufa, the village of Nadymeshchensky, the town of Raznovets, and the village of Krasnitsin. There are numerous bus services and a motorized bus system operating in the city. Other rail transport including the intercity trains (produced by Ufa railroad) and the private rail service of Ufa International Airport.

Tourist guides usually advise visiting the sights of Ufa within three days, since there are not many places to see beyond. However, tourists can reach the heart of Ufa quickly and easily by taking the train from Ufa to the Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR). The train ride takes only half a day and includes a visit to the town of Irkutsk where one can view the stunning Tsunde River valley as well as the town of Novosibirsk.

After passing through the village of Irkutsk, the next stop for the tourists will be the town of Nadymeshchensky. Here they can visit the factory mentioned above and can see a textile factory and a grain elevator operated by Naan-Charkovskii collective. There is also a kindergarten in the village of Nadymeshchensky, the birthplace of Vasili Oreshkin. This group operates all their businesses on credit and has received the one-year lease from the shareholders of Ufa.

From Nadymeshchensky the journey continues to the village of Sheremetyev, where the residence of Vasili Oreshkin is located. Vasili Oreshkin had lived in this house for the last one year and has signed the one-year lease with the shareholders of Ufa. This place is a former mining camp, which was turned into housing estates. During its adaptation to housing estates, this place became quite popular for those who wished to live in an independent village and earn money out of it.

The journey ends at the village of Lobetovo. It has a beautiful beach, and a spa resort. As for the price of Ufa’s apartments in Lobetovo, one year is equivalent to about two years rent on a monthly basis in Kiev. If you take the time to research about renting a place in Kiev and compare it with prices of renting apartments in other regions of Ukraine, you will find that Lobetovo apartments are relatively cheaper. In addition, it has got the advantage of being within walking distance to all important places in Kiev.