Ufa and Its Famous Sport Events

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan within the Russian Federation. The town lies in the center-northeastern of Bashkortostan on huge terrains forming the Ufa River. The Ufa consists of many tectonic plates that are shaped like a mountain. The main settlements of Ufa consist of Arkhangai, Nizhni, Kirov, Samtsev, Velikaya, Gorokh, Chepilov, Rashtino, Samovlova, Semiansky, Novgorod, Vologda, Biryun, Samovsk, Shchagin, Shepkino, Krasnochnik, Neftekhayevsk, Semyonovsk, and other smaller settlements. This article will provide some information on sports in Ufa and the possibility of organizing sports events in the region.


The very first sporting event organized in Ufa took place in 1960, when the idea of a racing track was suggested by the mayor of Samovsk. It was proposed to beat the chechny race in the Ufa stadium but to do that, the military would have to build an entirely new track and the race was cancelled. However, with time, the idea of a Russian Grand Prix began. Later, Ufa became one of the most visited cities in the whole of Russia and the annual bashkortostan automobile rally was held there from 1960 to the present. Although the race was abandoned for a while, it was revived and the modern Grand Prix-winning race was held in April 1963.

Since the mid 1960s, the main international motor sports events in Russia were held in Moscow and other major cities of Russia such as Saint Petersburg and Ufa. In these years, the Ufa Grand Prix was organizing in Ufa, taking place on a permanent Grand Prix course. Later, the race was repeated in Ufa and Belaya, and then it moved on to Samovsk and Chechnya.

The main international sports events in Ufa and Belaya are arranged in a special grandstand called “Zavodnyaya sluzhnaya”. It is located in the center of Ufa, opposite to the Hotel Samovsk. The most popular sports events in Ufa are soccer, Formula One car racing, tennis, badminton, ice hockey, horse-riding and carpentry. In 2021, football was added to the list of sports events.

Belaya is a coastal city in the Russian Sichuan basin. It became famous as a surfing destination with the opening of its new 2.4 km long beach, the first in the region. Belaya also has a popular golf club and the Belaya Rod Lodge is built on a spectacular sand dune. It is located near the village of Oktyabr, where a large convention center is located.

The most important international sporting event in Ufa is the FIFA World Cup. The first World Cup took place in Mexico in 1978 and until the present day, the Ufa Summer Carnival is organizing the World Cup. Other most famous sports events in Ufa are ice skating, ski skating, polo and football. There are also many theaters and concert halls, which give live performances by renowned Russian artists.