Ufa and Belaya, Chechnya


Ufa and Belaya, Chechnya

Ufa is the capital city of the autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan; it is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River. For over a thousand years, Ufa was the cultural and political center of this region. The most important architectural and historical monuments of this region came from Ufa and until recently, the city is still home to numerous cultural and historical landmarks. During the time of its Mongols occupation, their biggest city was found here, Bashgirdt.

Today, the city of Ufa still preserves its unique cultural heritage through the preserved buildings and monuments as well as the magnificent landscapes of this region. One of the most famous destinations in the region is the “president hotel”. The “president hotel”, named after the former leader of Ufa, has been reconstructed in the original style, with the same characteristic architectural features of its original design.

The “president hotel” has an ancient baroque style building surrounded by an onion dome, the original entrance of the city center, the baroque clock tower and several other distinctive characteristics of ufa architecture. The building is located near the famous “Khrushchee Selenge”, which was built in the 17th century and plays an important role in presenting ufa history. The clubroom of this hotel is designed with a unique round table, which is considered as an iconic symbol of bashkortostan architecture. The club rooms of this hotel are equipped with large TV screens, direct dial telephones and internet connections, along with a traditional relaxation and socializing atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy free breakfast, coffee and tea, in addition to a host of delicious dishes.

“Zavodnik”, a city in the western part of Ufa, is a modern art city and shopping centre. There are many art galleries and museums in the region, including “Nauka”, “pecory”, “Federal” and others, all dedicated to celebrating art in Russia. Another interesting place in the area is “Khrushchee Selenge”, which was destroyed in the World War II, but rebuilt to all its original characteristics. It has a fine collection of authentic furniture, ranging from antique to modern art.

“Zavodnik”, a city in the western part of Ufa, is a modern art and shopping centre. “Gorky Park”, a complex of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, is a popular tourist attraction. This place is famous for its “Zavodnits” or wooden churches and cathedrals. The last church in the park,” Kiev’s Cathedral”, is listed as a World Heritage Site. The “Rostov-on-don” is a large Soviet city, famous for its Red Army.

“Khrushchee Selenge”, an old town in the Ufa is a famous place for its architecture and cultural heritage. “Malyut” is a resort in the ufa, where there is a variety of accommodation and facilities. The” Dmitry Razlog”, a palace located on the beach near “Zavodnits” is a famous place for its cultural heritage and art. “Gorky Park”, a complex of bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels, is also a good place to stay in ufa. The “Moscow ufa International Airport” is the main airport in Russia.