Ufa – A Popular Travel Destination in Russia

Ufa (Russian: ufa, tr.) (IPA: [f]), romanized: ufa, is the largest city and the second largest urban center of the Russian Federation. The city lies on the bank of the Ufa River, in the north-west of Bashkortostan, at the crossroads of those rivers which divide the two countries. The most important economic, cultural, and political points of reference in Ufa and its neighbouring towns and cities are the Ural Mountains and the Black Sea. Tourist destinations in Ufa include the towns of Arkhangalo, Chepiat, Semferova, Tula, Bairat, and Nizhniy Novgorod.


The main transport routes into Ufa include the train, the bus, taxis, as well as private cars. A notable exception to this is that, the railway connection between Ufa and the republic of Bashkortostan (the only point where trains cross over the Siberian frontier) is via the Kubinka bypass, through which freight from Ufa and Bashkortostan is transported to Moscow. The railway connection between Ufa and the republic of Bashkortostan is operated by the Volga-Komorov-Vladov iron mine, through which freight from Ufa, Bashkortostan and other places is transported to Moscow. As for the bus network in Ufa, three buses servicing Ufa itself can be seen in two consecutive days. The same buses depart from the railway station in Ufa, take the Odintsev Resorts Road and then proceed to the town center.

The town of Ufa is located in a basin of lowland along the banks of river Irkutsk. The climate of Ufa is semi-tropical with hot summers and cold winters. In summer months, the most noticeable sight on the village is the “Khrushka” or kiosk situated outside the regional Ufa State building. The kiosk is run by the regional administration and offers information about the recent activities undertaken by local authorities and the latest decrees and laws affecting Ufa and the whole region. The kiosk is also an excellent place to find out about the various cultural attractions in Ufa and to obtain information on places of interest around Ufa.

Among the major landmarks in Ufa are the Krasnitsin and Orkhonkar temples. The churches in Ufa encompass Cathedral of St. Bogachins and San Jermynacks Cathedral. The Rashtashayev Palace is another significant landmark in Ufa and the residence of Dashnis Viatrovsky, the first president of the RSFSR.

In addition, Ufa has some interesting historical sites to offer. The village of Khmeimbat, near the village of Ufa, is one of the sites that were part of the seraglio arrangement between the Russian government and the Makhnovskiy kolkhoz. The most important urban site in Ufa is the city center, including a section that includes the offices of various ministries of the Russian Federation. The Uralskoy Volyma, situated along the railway line connecting Ufa with the rest of the urban areas, is a notable point in Uralskoy.

Besides, the Ural Mountains provides a range of outdoor activities and events in Ufa. The Tver oblast and the Samoyrsky oblast are located in close proximity to Ufa and comprise the third and fourth richest urban centers respectively. The most popular winter sport in Russia is skiing. There are a number of ski schools and resorts in Ufa. It is worth to take a look at them in order to enjoy the real fun of skiing in Ufa.