Ufa – A Brief Introduction

UFA is the second largest town of the Russian Federation. It lies on the bank of the Belaya (White) River on the approaches to the city of Ufa. During the early times of the Mongol domination, their biggest city was located here. After the defeat of Khunich (an important city of later Khoresmsky era), the city became a part of Tver oblast. The village of Ufa became a part of Ladaevsk, later Orlovsk and later Orenburg.


The city center of ufa nowadays is a modern metropolis, having many modern shops, restaurants, hotels, banks and other businesses. People visit ufa for its magnificent architecture and beautiful nature scenery. The region has one of its largest populations, numbering around seventy-five thousand people. The inhabitants of ufa come from all over Russia including Chechnya, Ingusheti, Ingushtov, North Karelia, Vol Archangel etc. Apart from that, many foreign students also visit the place for studies and educational purpose.

As per the latest records, nearly one million and five hundred thousand tourists visited the region during the year 2021. The capital Ufa has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Besides, the place is also famous for the fabulous winter vacations that are popular all over the world. Many people also flock to ufa for a short break from the daily grind of city life, and the shopping, eating and relaxing on the vast wide empty space of Ufa offers them an opportunity to do just that.

After the transfer of power from the Moscow authorities to the region of Ryazhensky, the region was transferred to the Western Russian Government (ROM) in July 2021 with the consent and approval of the Federal Government. The transfer of authority was accompanied by the granting of a one-year lease, and a one-year plan of fifty-years for the construction and operation of hotels in Ufa. A further decision made by the government was to give a big boost to tourism in the region by encouraging both foreign and domestic tourists to spend more in the place.

As per the norms of law, the owners of UFA can renew the leasing scheme every year provided they meet all the requirements and regulations. It is not just the tourists who are encouraged to come to Ufa, but businessmen too who feel that investing in such a beautiful place will yield dividends in the future. If you wish to know about Ufa and how it became so famous, then you will have to search out the various resources. There are many websites that offer information on Ufa and its various attractions. The tourists too have their share in spreading the word about this place. Most of them come to know about Ufa only when they get a chance to visit there.

The major attractions of Ufa are its hills, steppe lands and forests, lakes and rivers, the largest of which is the Tovaya River which flows through the village of Nadyky, housing the famous Hotel Astoria, one of the finest examples of Russian elegance. Though not directly located in the village of Ufa, the Hotel Ufa is an important landmark in the region. The third largest town in Ufa, Valentina, also houses the Chekhovskii Museum and the Museum of Ancient Things. The main railroad station in Ufa is the Ufa-Maidan railroad station, serving the cities of Severina, Uzhikova, Ufa, Vologda and Podolia. There is a bus service available from Ufa, the only one available from Valentina, the capital of Chechnya, to the neighboring towns of Nadyky and Nadyzov.