Types of Financing Options Available Through Owner Financing Commitments


Types of Financing Options Available Through Owner Financing Commitments

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How UFA finances are allocated are significantly different than financing supported under a collaborative applicant program. The UFA requires that all revenues, which are not earmarked for special programs and for marketing in the U.S., must be collected and accounted for at the end of the year. All budget changes will subsequently be reflected in eLOCCS through the local HUD area office.

One aspect of the financing arrangement with a prospective owner is how the funds will be used and where they will go once the contract has been signed for one year. Once the financing has been arranged, the funds are available and may be used for a wide variety of reasons, such as paying down debt, investing in property, preparing for new launches, or working capital requirements. Should a future owner desire to sell a portion of their assets or become interested in expanding their business, the one-year option can then be traded in for a longer term lease agreement.

The one-year option typically expires after the final regular season bidding has completed. In many cases the one-year option is traded in only one time – either as part of a larger lease agreement, or as part of an outright sale of a property. However, it may also be traded in to extend the duration of the entire UFA. In the event that an extension is needed, such a transaction would require that all subsequent lease agreements are signed two years in advance of the expiration. As such, the total amount of money extended would be significantly higher, which would be true for any other type of financing arrangement involving a UFA.

A final option that may be available for financing through a ufa contract is a direct ufa lease with a corresponding short term sale price. As previously noted, this would be true for the majority of lease transactions, but in some cases, including those involving a large scale acquisition or development project, it would not be. For this particular option, it would be necessary for a potential acquirer to have signed a one year UFA contract. In some cases, it may be possible for an owner to acquire a large property without having such a commitment already in place. If such an opportunity was present, it could make sense for them to enter into a ufa financing agreement early in order to take advantage of such an opportunity.

An alternative method for financing through a ufa contract that may be available to someone looking to purchase commercial real estate without having to commit to a long term lease is called a seller-financed ufa commitment. With this type of financing, a person looking to purchase an entire property can obtain a one or three-year commitment from a seller. Once the seller has fulfilled their financial obligations to a third party lender, they will be able to sign a one-year or three-year commitment to a seller-financed ufa commitment. The funding offered through this type of option rarely surpasses one million dollars, which is about half the price tag normally associated with a ufa commitment.