Two Years As an Oil Reseller in Ufa

UFA is among the world’s most popular cities in Russia, the second largest city in Bashkortostan autonomous republic. It is also one of Russia’s most developed cities, a leading transport, industrial, cultural, religious, and international trading center of the country. It is situated about 1,341 kilometers south of Moscow. The airport of Ufa is the busiest in the region, with almost three hundred flights arriving in a single week. Besides being home to the famous “Red square” – a location that has become synonymous with the city’s booming development and wealth – Ufa is also a major industrial, commercial, and agricultural center. In particular, many of Russia’s large, state-of-the-art enterprises are located here, including oil refineries, fertilizer producers, cement producers, chemical manufacturers, rail companies, and automobile producers.


As you may know, the best time to visit Ufa is in the summer, from May to September. There are many attractions there, including the “ensable monument” of St. Petersburg along the River Volkhov, but also lots of interesting historical sights, including the fortress of Stalingrad, where the German Sixth Army made their ground against the Soviet Union in WWII. Besides this impressive structure, the village of Dashnoy-Ust-Lugino, which was destroyed by the Germans, is an interesting center for today’s Russian tourism. It has been restored to its original appearance and features the only five hundred-year-old house standing on its own island, plus other buildings and monuments. You will be able to find two hotels in the village, both of them with attractive views of Ufa Bay.

After having fun in the city, head to the Kharkov Oblast to see the remaining Soviet Union Army soldiers who called it Kharkov. The road up from the Zvyozhichka Pass to the village of Pavlova starts from the port. You can also travel by train. At the beginning of October, you will be able to see the last row of houses in a row of flats on the shore of Kharkov Oblast, which was destroyed during the World War Two. If you have the time, you should also go to Ornovsk and reach there by train, following the path of the Soviet Army’s 9th army. But if you prefer to walk, you will not need to take any transport, as the route will be very clear and you will see all of it by just looking out of your window.

Most likely, you will arrive by train in October, and you will see that the road is blocked by some rangers, as they are protecting the whole area of Ufa. It will be difficult for you to drive past them, but you should not be afraid. The reason for this is that these rangers were just waiting there for someone from the military who wanted to visit their beautiful summer home. And if you visit there in autumn, you will be able to enjoy the amazing views of Ufa and the surrounding region.

After reaching the town of Ufa, you will find that you do not need to travel further: you can stay at a wonderful resort with swimming pools, a warm climate and friendly people. There are about twenty others living in this village, which is located at the very edge of a Soviet tundra. This is the perfect place for a hiking adventure – the landscape here is absolutely beautiful, and you will feel like you are walking on air for two years. The resort has twenty swimming pools, each with their own beach, which means that you will never have a problem with finding a nice place to swim.

The most important fact about Ufa is that it is actually the perfect place for two years of skiing and climbing! At the moment, two oilers have signed a three-year concession deal with the Russian authorities to drill for oil in the Ufa Region. It means that the life here will be very different from that of other oil workers who have lived in Ufa for just a few months. The workers will have full time jobs and will also be able to visit their families every now and then. You will have to sign in front of a computer every day, but you will be able to enjoy all the exciting activities that UFA offers each day.