Tourist Places in Ufa

Ufa is basically the biggest and capital city of the Russian region of Bashkortostan. The city lies in the center-west of Bashkortostan on massive hills forming the Ufa River. The most important economic and commercial center of the region is Ufa. The city has a population of more than six million and has been a major regional center for centuries. The city is surrounded by the Urals and is home to various ethnic groups.

The origin of Ufa, a city of Bashkortostan is believed to be from a village called Oktogrud, which is located in what is now known as the provincial capital of Ufa. Some sources suggest that the name of this village came from a “Y” (I) where two numbers connect, but this has never been confirmed. The exact meaning of Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan is unclear; however it is said to be named after a family of the same name who governed the region during the early days of Bashkortostan. It is also said that the name of Ufa was chosen by the military for its strategic location as it lay in the middle of a river in the military stronghold of Lenina.

Today, Ufa has become a modern metropolis which houses more than half of the population of Bashkortostan. The main industries operating in Ufa include Ural and Sberbank, however there are other small scale industries operating in Ufa including printing and bookshops. The economy of ufa is mainly based on agriculture and animal breeding. Apart, from agriculture, the military uses a large amount of Ufa grain for bread and meat, which give Ufa a substantial cash flow.

A large number of tourists visit Ufa mainly to enjoy the beautiful winter sights in Ufa and to experience the unique culture of Russia. However, there are other tourist attractions in Ufa apart from the winter sun and fabulous scenery. The next big attraction to visit in Ufa after the stunningly beautiful scenery is to see the legendary Russian fortress of Ubatov. The fortress is home to the world’s third largest cannon, which is located in an open area in front of the fortress. The cannon, called Grigory, has played an important role in defending Ufa from the French during the Napoleon era.

Ufa is one of the largest cities in Russia and is also very cosmopolitan. There are many beautiful residential areas and shopping complexes in Ufa. The best time to visit Ufa is between October and April. This is the most optimal season in terms of shopping and recreational activities in Ufa. The main gate of Ufa was opened by the famous Russian leader, Alexander Pushkin, on the day when his forces overran Belaya.

The name of Ufa, meaning “the city of stones” is derived from a story of when the leader of Ufa, a village called Ural, was being threatened by the French. The leader gathered a large number of his troops and set out to attack the town of Belaya. When they reached the city, however, they were turned back by the Belaya army. They realized that they were in fact facing a far superior force and decided to retreat. The retreat became the crucial battle that helped to turn the tide of the revolution in favor of ufa and the country of Muscovite.