Things to See on Your Holidays to Ufa


Things to See on Your Holidays to Ufa

Ufa is the largest and capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan within the Russian Federation. The city lies in the center northwest of Bashkortostan on the hill of Dzhindushnisht. It is a beautiful place with a lot of interesting things to see, to walk around, to go to the spa or to get the Adrenalin pumping through the various sport courses. Sports enthusiasts from all over the world visit this city which has many sports clubs and an excellent infrastructure of clubs for recreational activities.

The main attractions of Ufa are the Leninska (the Old Town) and the Sukhomai (the City Center). The Old Town is located in a peninsula formed by the melting of the ice more than a thousand years ago and is located on a peninsula surrounded by forest on three sides. It consists of a large square tower, the Museum “Naples”, several palaces and a large State House Museum.

The second most visited attraction in Ufa is the Leninska. The name of this place comes from a famous book that was written by an American traveler, Joel H. Kaplan, called “The Russian Encyclopaedia”. According to this book, the name of this place came from” Leninska” which means “people of a small town” and “korsa russia” which means “the people of rubles per person”. The museum in Ufa includes a museum of stamps, drawings, sculptures and medals. Besides these, the Ufa house museum is a very important attraction as it provides information about the life and times of former president of Ufa Andropov, Komsimenov, and his family.

The third and last most visited destination of Ufa are the town of bashkortostans. It is located on the bank of river Rashtroitor, one of the largest rivers flowing in ufa. The river mouth is very important for farming and has been a meeting place for peoples of many cultures since ancient times. Among the cultural attractions of bashkortostans are the museums, monuments and the preserved village of Nikonoff.

The cultural and architectural rich Russian culture of ufa offers a wide variety of places to visit. There is a museum with the relics of shastra and architecture of ufa and several art galleries which display modern art from different countries. The house museum of Leninska, which is a historically preserved village, is a great attraction of bashkortostans. The village of Nikonoff, which is very famous for its Cathedral and other important architectural buildings of ufa is visited by tourists all the year round.

Tourists can enjoy all the attractions of ufa in great fun. If you are planning to visit ufa then you should book your tour package from a reliable travel agency. Many people who have visited Ufa don’t like to go back to the place again. To enjoy more fun, make sure that you have a planned itinerary by which you can do your sightseeing. If you are visiting in the winter then it is better to avoid visiting the city in winter.