Things To Keep In Mind For A Successful Trip Abroad

Ufa is the capital city of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River; and is one of Russia’s most populous cities in terms of total area of land covered. During the early period of its existence, their biggest city was situated here, bashgirdt. Today it is one of the fastest developing centers of north-western Russia, with the most modern and up to date train links to Moscow, the centre of Russia’s economy. The airport of Ufa has three terminal buildings and a lot more.


Most visitors to ufa arrive by air and reach their accommodation by road. There are a lot of buses and coaches that cross the oblast, the main city of ufa. It takes about two hours to drive from Moscow to ufa. The prices in ufa are mostly in the same level as in Moscow and other major cities, so your dollars will go a lot farther in rubles.

One factor you need to pay attention to when traveling to Ufa is its foreign currency conversion rates. You should never pay with your credit card or any currency other than rubles. While there are ATMs which are supported in this currency, you should use your cash or foreign currency for most purchases. You can withdraw most types of currency in the currency of your choice from most ATMs in ufa. The ATMs are connected with branches of prominent international banks.

The most common currency exchanged at the Ufa exchange center are rubles and dollars. There are no problems with other currency, including the euro and GBP. The other currencies may change according to the fluctuation in the market. You need to get the conversion rate of one currency to another to understand exchange rates in Ufa.

Another important thing is accommodation. The hotels of Ufa are of various categories, ranging from star rating to deluxe class. This is dependent on the money you would like to get. There are three star hotels which have standard room rates. The deluxe hotels have more expensive rates but also provide facilities such as spa baths, swimming pool, sauna and many more. If you are on a one or two week trip, then it would be better to get the hotel which offers package deals that include airfare, transportation, ground transportation and breakfast at a certain cost.

On the whole, getting to Ufa is not difficult. From the capital of Moscow, you can take a direct flight to Ufa. Or you can take a railroad ride to reach there. From there you may hire a cab, bus or taxi. Getting to the Ufa airport from the capital is also quite easy by renting a car or taking a train.