Things To Do In Ufa


Things To Do In Ufa

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the Russian Federation. The largest city lies in the middle-west of Bashkortostan at the confluence of both the Ufa and Belaya rivers. Ufa lies to the south of the capital of Ufa and to the north of the most populated region of Stavropol. The region has the most splendid and exciting life and offers a lot for the tourists visiting the city.

A visit to Ufa cannot be neglected. The Ufa house museum is one of the best collections of its kind in Russia, together with the Moscow State Museum and the Viktoria Sennaya Square. The museum was founded in 1932 as an experiment of the famous Russian artist Vasili Oschepkov. He came from the artistic school called the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg. There he studied painting, sculpture and photography. He established a connection with the architectural designs in Ufa, which led him to establish his own brand of art.

The house museum is one of the four important cultural centers in Ufa. It was built according to the building plans envisaged by Vasili Oschepkov. As it is located so close to the largest cities of Russia, it has a very good international environment. Besides the famous Russian artists, many foreign visitors also come to see this unique place. In addition, the city also houses a modern art museum called the Pushkins Museum.

Besides all this, the city center in Ufa has a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs. The most popular bar in Ufa is “Nazar Bonk”, which is located at the center of Ufa. This bar offers drinks such as “odka, vodka”, “tonic, cranberry juice” and “sour cream”. In addition to this, it is very popular among the students of Ufa State University.

The most famous restaurant in Ufa is “Maxster’s Restaurant”. In this restaurant you will find two types of food: the traditional food (range of meats, vegetables, fish, appetizers etc.) and the fast food. There are many restaurants in and around Ufa, so you can choose whichever one fits your taste. Besides this, the house museum, bashkortostan hotel and the ufa capital are some other attractions in and around Ufa.

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