Things To Do In Ufa


Things To Do In Ufa

UFA is the capital city and the biggest city of the Republic of Bashkortostan within the Russian Federation. The city lies in the middle-tropical region of Bashkortostan on the river Donets. Ufa is named after a legendary Grand Duke by the name of Alexander Nevsky, who built a fortress and made it his residency. The town is situated on the bank of the river Don’t where it meets the Volga River. It forms a junction between the two rivers when they pass each other.

The town was identified as a place with a national importance by the prime minister of Russia, Vasili Olexmasov, in 1992. In this regard, the authorities started to construct a new administrative center from scratch in order to mark the place as an important place for the economic development of the region. The main aspect of the new administrative center was to create a bridge that would connect Ufa to the Russian capital, Moscow. A connection between the town and the capital, though not directly, helped the development of Ufa as a major tourist destination in Bashkortostan. Moreover, the presidential residence of the President of Ufa, Valentina Zybanov, is a famous attraction in the region, attracting hundreds of foreign and domestic tourists every year.

Although the city center of Ufa has everything required for a modern, cosmopolitan, and cosmopolitan city, its close vicinity to the railway station and airport makes it more attractive to travelers who have no desire to stay in a hotel. Besides, a trip to the village of Lenin (“the little town”) will make you fall in love with the town and its people even before you reach the city center. At Lenin, there are historical monuments, museums, libraries, and other buildings that remind one of the serfs who lived in this area in the medieval centuries. The house museum of Valentina Zybanova, “the little princess”, whose Photographs of Lenin were taken by her father, Tsitsin, and which are on display in the house museum, completes the picture.

There is no doubt that for people who love architecture and art, Ufa will give them many opportunities. Besides the house museum and the village of Lenin, there are numerous other museums and art galleries, presenting works by famous Russian artists and architects. In addition, there is a military Glory Museum, presenting decorations and awards received by various military units of the Russian army. Thus, for people who love Russia as well as the military, Ufa is a nice place to visit.

Of course, the most famous destination for people coming from ufa is ufa itself. If you are interested in exploring the town, you should take the opportunity to go to the Veliky ufa, the Town Center’s shopping center. You will find all kinds of goods, such as local artifacts, ready for purchase, as well as a host of restaurants and hotels, all offering the chance to enjoy a leisurely shopping spree. As for the historical areas of ufa, you can visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Town Museum, the Old Village, the Museum of History, and the Orthodox Metropolitan Church.

You will find many more interesting places to see, exploring ufa, including the village of bashkortoshan, the national museum of ufa, the village of Povozhenaya, the village of Krasnokamensky, the village of Nissa, the national monument “yneline” and the village of Severievsky. The bashkortoshan is a very important place of worship for many of the people of ufa, as it is located on a junction of the rivers Uda and Obdurovsk. It is also a center for the transportation of horses and cattle, providing work for the inhabitants of bashkortoshan. You should make sure that you allow yourself sufficient time to explore all these wonderful and beautiful places while you are in ufa!