Things to Do in Ufa

Ufa is currently the capital and biggest city of the Russian Federation. The cosmopolitan city lies along the confluence of Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the hub of the new Russia. Its modern airport, Shekhov-Khruta, is one of the largest in the country and has a number of international flights arriving in Moscow regularly. The city is a great base from where you can explore the region, visit important cities, and take part in exciting sports.


As it is, Ufa attracts people by the hundreds to its rustic, charming towns and villages that have been adapted to the new Russian way of life. You’ll find traditional wooden houses, green fields, fruit and vegetable gardens, and little factories making everything from knitted dresses to leather furniture. The town has been nicknamed the “White City” because it attracts many tourists from all over the world. At the President Hotel, you will find an impressive collection of contemporary art featuring classical paintings by Pushkin, Turgenev, Khatchaturian, Borodin, Svetvolod, among others.

In this beautiful region, you can participate in various sporting events organized through the local clubs or through the organizing committee. The most famous sports here are the Skiing, Volleyball, Ice hockey, Baseball, Cycling, Football, Tennis, and Motor racing. If you are a sports betting enthusiast, you can try your luck at the ufa sportsbook in Ufa. The services offered by the bookmakers are both reliable and dependable. However, the rules and procedures involved in sports betting is different from place to place, so it is advisable that you get in touch with a ufa online sportsbook in order to find out the exact procedure followed in your country.

Another interesting sport that you may be interested in while staying in Ufa is skiing. The resorts here offer fantastic landscapes with panoramic views of pine trees, gorges, waterfalls and birch woodlands. You can enjoy the ski season in this region between February and March. However, the summer can also be a great time to visit this place, as it is known for its hot and sunny climate.

Chess is another game that people may be interested in while staying in Ufa. Chess is a game played between two players, whereas the objective of Snooker is to knock the other opponent out of the game with a minimum of four breaks. This game is known all over the world and is taught in schools. It can be very interesting to watch some of the world’s top chess players compete in a tournament.

As far as entertainment is concerned, Ufa is home to many entertainment facilities as well. There is an amusement park called the Zlobarni Caves which houses rides and attractions. Another attraction here is the Pleskopy Zoo, which is said to house one of the largest collections of reptiles in the world. The Pleskopy Zoo has various species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and reptile puppets. Apart from these there are many more places to spend your days in this charming town. So if you want to experience a different culture, visit the Ufa region.