Things to Do in Ufa

The capital Ufa region of the Volga River’s district of Bashkortostan is around 1200 kilometers away from Moscow. Being an important agricultural and fishing region, its agriculture has grown in the last twenty years. It has become one of the most popular destinations for fishing, river cruises and trips to the forested mountains. The river boat cruises in Ufa are a favorite with tourists because of the breathtakingly beautiful and interesting scenery. One can enjoy a cruise along the river to the Nizhni-Khrushu section, the village Tsunami and the Southern Ural Mountains.


As the name implies, the city center of ufa is located on the banks of the Volga River and the region is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Russia. Ufa city center is considered to have a cosmopolitan outlook due to its mixture of cultures of different Russia regions. The city center is built on the slopes and offers an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding taurendi area.

The region of bashkortostan has been a part of the history of Ufa since the medieval time when it was a major city. The name of this town was probably inspired by two words: “uzbas” (a name of a particular khan) and “tovshchis” (the place where a specific saint lived). At that time, the city of ufa was known as Gorodishche and the capital was Gorodishche during the time of Catherine the Great. The city center today is a mix of modern and traditional features of shtetlkhozh, storages, houses and churches. There are many museums in ufa which attract both foreign and domestic tourists.

At the moment, the most popular place for tourists to visit in ufa is the town of Lenin where there is a special European style presidential hotel named “Severina”. This hotel is situated in close proximity to the presidential center, so visitors can easily reach this place. If you like to spend your vacations in a more luxurious way, then you should go to “Krasnaya ufa” or “Gorodishche” – the capital of Krasnaya oblast. It is located in the middle of the taurendi region and the most interesting thing about it is that it is a former palace of Catherine the Great.

Besides the capital, there are several other interesting places for people who want to experience a more cultural way of life. Besides the presidential house museum and the village of Lenin, there is another interesting place for those people who like cultural vacations: the village of Gorodishche. It is located close to the village of ufa and if you like wandering paths and old buildings, then you should go to this place. Gorodishche is a perfect place for people who want to see the works of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky.

Tourists can enjoy their vacations in Ufa either by motorizing a car or by taking a bus. The best way to travel in Ufa is by a car because it offers a unique experience of the real Moscow. When visiting Ufa you should always remember that the best times to go there are from May to October. In the autumn it gets really warm but in winter the city turns to be quite cold. So plan a vacation according to your needs: if you like a ski holiday, then you should go to the village of Gornaya ufa while for others a city tour is the perfect choice.