Things to Do in Ufa


Things to Do in Ufa

Ufa is an important city of Bashkortostan the capital of the Russian Federation. It’s located on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River. At the beginning of its existence, it was the biggest city of the new Republic of Bashkortostan located at the confluence of the rivers Dzhuna and Belaya. When the Mongolians came and occupied this region, their capital city was also located here, Bashgirdt. As it was, Ufa today is one of the most industrialized cities in Russia, and also one of its leading economic centers in the country.

The first thing you’ll notice when traveling through Ufa or travelling to Ufa, is that the town is surrounded by vast steppe. The taurendae is a belt of tundra in the taurendae is referred as the “Union”, and the taurendae starts from the city of bashkir (the largest town of Russia). This is the main reason why Ufa has a large number of cattle and oats.

The climate of Ufa is semi-arid and it’s mostly sunny during the summer and cold during winter. The average temperature in summer is 17 degrees Celsius but there are many sunny days so it’s never below the maximum limit of 17 degrees Celsius. The most important point about ufa is that it was built in the late 1800s, so there aren’t many old buildings. You’ll find modern houses, apartments, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls, etc. But, most important thing is that you can cross the border with Russia easily – the border is closed for trucks and cars, but for people, it’s open all the time.

If you’re traveling to Ufa and need a good place to stay, there are many nice hotels in Ufa. There’s the President Hotel, the Tsentaraya Resorts, the Tretiyazhskoy Hotel, the Lenin & Tsentaraya Hotel, the Alashkon Hotel, the Kirov Yarichev, the Kazan Cathedral, the Krasny Mirny Imet’s Hotel, the Novodevny Volynia, the Severina Hotel, the Novodev Naka, the Odrak Hotel, etc. Among these, the President Hotel is the best one because it was rebuilt after it was destroyed in the Second World War. The other hotels are not so good – all of them have a bad business reputation.

Most of these hotels are not located in the heart of ufa city center, but they are still close enough to it. The President Hotel is a nice one; it has a very pleasant and clean look, and the inside is very comfortable. It’s not fancy, but it’s not bad either. The Tsentaraya Resorts, Tretiyazhskoy, and Alashkon are also good, although their locations may be a little far from the heart of ufa. The Lenin & Tsentaraya Hotel is a good one; it has a modern design with lots of rooms, and the inside is very nice. It also has an art museum, which you should definitely take a look at.

The other three all have very reasonable prices and are very close to the Ural Mountains. They are all very convenient to get to, since they are right next to the railways and the motor roads that will take you to ufa and to the cities of belaya and Moscow. You can easily get all your supplies for ufa from these three: all your Russian money, all your goods (such as cars, bikes, furniture, etc), and even your air tickets if you are coming from Russia. You will not have to make any efforts to find a cab in these resorts, since all the cabs coming to ufa and from Moscow are very friendly.