The Unspoken Three-Year Contract for the UT Kazakhstan pipeline


The Unspoken Three-Year Contract for the UT Kazakhstan pipeline

Alternative Names: DEFA, Deutsche Film akademie, Universum Film-Aktiengesellschafts-Gewandt, Zentrum is Vererzung von Zentrum being Neckermann. UFA was founded in 1917 when the German Government consolidated all the country s remaining studios. Its aim was to promote German cinema and, later on, to improve Germany s international image.

The UFA is not a traditional film festival, as it was conceived as a means of attracting film artists to a region where they could perform but also produce films that would earn them money. By the end of WWI the region had just four major movie theaters, which included the city s largest (Reichsroman). From these German studios the UFA was launched with the intention of providing an opportunity for the German artists to earn money.

Two of the major themes of UFA were the beauty of the country and the symbolic meaning attached to the place. As it was established from the first, no payment was made for a performer to appear at a ufa, but in spite of this the places that appeared usually attracted some kind of award or prize. This can be seen in the case of the legendary Brandenburg Gate, which was designed by the architect Friederike von Guericke and opened in nineteen eighties. Over the last three years it has been the subject of many operatic performances and even several operas, a production of Der Fluchtelied and Der Ring des Nibelungen and der Mizonten as well as numerous other theater productions.

Another theme that appears regularly at ufa events is the question of peace. Two years ago in April a ufa was held to coincide with the Six Day Peace War. On this day, representatives from twenty-five countries took part in the opening of the Brandenburg Gate, which is located across the Rhine River from Berlin. The goal of the gathering was to demonstrate that there can be no peace between nations if hatred, mistrust and fear will ever prevail. The United Nations, which is headquartered in New York, did not participate in the special event. However, they did send their highest delegate, Mr. Kurt Waldhaas, a German politician and a member of the Left party, to the opening.

The subject of peace was brought up during the meeting of the Ufa and the French and the Russians and it was decided that the Ufa would offer a reward for the first nation to complete a pipeline that will allow oil to be carried from Germany to France. After this, for the next seven years all of Europe will have gas pipelines running through Germany. The rewards for this are expected to be paid in dollars, but so far no monetary offer has been given by the Ufa. The French government has offered to pay half of the costs of building this pipeline, which could mean a cool million and six hundred thousand Euro’s worth of money. For some orders this is a substantial amount of money to give the country that is the oil producer.

For the Russian government this may be a matter of life and death and President Bush reportedly promised them something in return for agreeing to host the Olympics in Russia in February of 2021. Of course the amount of money may not be the issue to these oil producers. The issue is whether they will have the ability to continue or not and the answer is, “No.” The United Nations needs to pressure from both Russia and Iran to stop doing what they are doing and find a peaceful solution to the problem that they created. Until the UN can accomplish this, the EU and other nations are at the mercy of whichever nation decides to go ahead with the project. For those oilers that believe the deal will be fair, the question becomes whether they are willing to risk their economic futures on the hopes that it will give them a little bit of extra revenue for their own countries?