The Unique Way to Book Sportbooks

The United Sports Franchises Association, or U Fas, has been in business since 1974. One of America’s foremost and fastest-growing companies for sportbooks has come to be known as the Ace Company. It is a company that not only manufactures and distributes sports books but also works with the leading manufacturers of sportbooks. This gives them an edge over other competitors.


The association is affiliated with many prominent sportbooks including those from Ebook World, Superbook, Sportsbook Review, Pricegrabber, World Book Forum and many others. Ebook World, for example, is one of the most popular sportbooks today and has helped its distributor, Ace Brand, gain more members and customers in recent times. With the help of Ebook World, Ebook Store owners are able to offer their services all over the world and have an easy time in promoting the books they sell. The convenience and ease of working with Ebook World are unmatched by any other company for its low-costs and high-speed delivery services.

With the UFA, you can count on getting the best service and support available. They are connected with the most popular manufacturers and are very helpful with any queries or problems that you might encounter with their sportbooks. The association is not directly advertising for these sportbooks but is helping them advertise themselves. The UFA offers several benefits to its associates such as free training manuals and technical support. You can be sure that the support you receive from the association will be more than what you would expect from a sportbook.

The UFA also offers an affiliation program wherein they are allowing retailers to become members of the association for a fixed monthly fee. This is a convenient way of promoting your sportbooks without spending a lump sum upfront. As a member of the UFA, you can have access to the members-only area of their website. This area features all the latest news and articles regarding the sportbooks and Ebooks. You can also be able to download game notes, tips, records and rankings from their database.

Another great thing about UFA is its ability to provide members with technical support. As a member, you can expect your question to be answered immediately. Members who choose UFA as their sportbooks of choice can expect free upgrades and even free revisions to their books. For avid readers, this is definitely a plus.

The UFA has received praises from thousands of sportbooks worldwide. If you are considering joining, you can never go wrong with the UFA. Its impressive list of endorsements and members only serves to boost their popularity.