The Ufa Bear


The Ufa Bear

Ufa is the largest city of the Autonomous republic of Bashkortostan. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River, which is in close proximity to the Transbaikal Sea. During its heyday during the medieval period, it was one of Russia’s biggest towns, ranking next to Moscow. During the period of the Mongol Empire, their biggest city was situated here, Bashgirdt. The city was reduced to a trading post during the beginning of the twentieth century, when railways came into being.

This was when the last of the ufa horses were sold in the town. The herders were not interested in keeping them as they were being forced to move from place to place due to lack of space. At the beginning of this century, the bulls were being trained to cross over to the Transbaikal and the reindeers that were staying there had all but disappeared. The only known animals of this type in the region at the moment are the Siberian Huskies and the Samoyed. These are not rare in ufa as they occur in all parts of Asia.

The first bull of this breed to cross over was Fools that lived out their days in Ufa. His name was Olga, which became Girls’ names later on. He was also known to train the first two years of girls in town who were trained to fill out the military service. One of them was named Ak Barsaev (A Boy in American Sign Language).

In the year 874,125 Ufa hunters came across a bear that was approximately one and a half meters high. It was a male; hence the name. When the hunters approached it, they saw that it did not have fur. They decided to try and strike it with their weapons and to kill it. But instead of killing it, they found that it was an otter.

Olga and Ak Barsaev were married and their daughters became the first four daughters of the Emperor Ufa. The name of this bear was Basko. After the couple’s marriage, the Emperor gave orders for the remaining seven daughters to be given away as prizes to his favorites and in this way, the first four daughters of Ufa were named Basko, Bekko, Bako and Bura.

The first bull to cross over to Ufa was named Basko. He was brought to Ufa by his foster-father. Later on he fathered nine children, two of whom were married. Another bull, Bekko left his wife and went to Ufa to be tamed. Three daughters from Bako were given as tributes to Ufa.