The Transport Hubs For Visitors to Ufa


The Transport Hubs For Visitors to Ufa

Ufa is the largest city in Russia, capital of Bashkortostan region. It is considered as the “Oshodi” of Russia. It is also known as a crossroads, a major transportation hub, a trade and industrial center, a major residential region, a melting pot, and a gateway of modern and old towns. It is also a big agricultural producer of hay, oats, sugar canes and grain.

The city was founded by Peter the Great, who built the largest fortress in the world at Ufa. It was then used by the Cossacks as their crossing point to reach the Southern Military District (SMAD) and the Russian Grand Fleet. In the mid 19th century, it was discovered that Ufa is rich in a number of valuable resources – including coal, iron, timber, horses, cattle, wheat and so on. At present, Ufa plays a key role as a modern and regional transport hub. A number of international and national carriers use it as their base or departure point to reach new destinations.

Besides being a modern and regional transport hub, Ufa has become a popular destination for tourists, making it one of Russia’s top tourist destinations. A large number of foreign nationals visit Ufa, mostly on vacation and holiday vacations. Among these are Europeans, Asians, South Americans, as well as people from Canada, Australia and the United States.

The main international airport of Ufa is the Ovruchang Airport, which is located just 3 km from the city center. The airport has three terminals with each having a capacity of around 900 flights per day. The city center serves as the main point of contact for those who wish to fly into Ufa and those who wish to fly out of there. There are a number of transport means available to make this journey easier and comfortable. Those travelling by bus, taxi and train are able to reach the airport, as well as those travelling by car. The railway station is able to bring people within a few kilometers of their point of origin.

The third transport hub in Ufa is the belaya, or what is known as the “Moscow of Russia”. Belaya is a cosmopolitan city, home to shopping centres, restaurants, theatres and other forms of entertainment and relaxation. Those wishing to go out and have fun can head out to Oktyabr, a cultural centre housing the biggest film festival in the world. Tourists heading towards Ufa from the belaya are also able to take advantage of buses and taxis that take them to the city center.

The last major transport hub for those travelling to Ufa is the Moscow Vulkova. The cosmopolitan capital of Russia is also home to a plethora of tourist attractions, which draw huge numbers of visitors from all over the world. Most visitors however, prefer to go out of town and do some shopping. The metro system in Moscow provides a comfortable and cost-effective way for shoppers to get around. Tourists heading towards Ufa from the belaya and ufa international airport will be able to access this great shopping centre.