The Taj Meduar Forts – The Russian Culture Capital of the World


The Taj Meduar Forts – The Russian Culture Capital of the World

“Colors of an Oasis” takes the reader back to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in an exotic Middle Eastern fantasy story about a young boy who lives in a peaceful town while harboring a magical dolphin for rescue. The dolphin is shy and wary, but when Mickey (Ahmed Alamed) names the dolphin Tala, the Dolphin responds by giving Mickey a fish he wants to fry called the “Tuna”. The problem is that Tuna is caught by pirates, who have plans to sell the fish to restaurants, but when Mickey and Tala save the fish, they are captured and thrown into an overcrowded fish tank, along with several other aquatic animals. Luckily, Mickey has a talent for language and translation, so he is able to form a plan with the other aquatic animals in order to help them get back home.

In contrast to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a UFA film would not only be set in a real setting, it would most definitely be filmed in a real location, just like the one depicted in the animated film. In fact, the producers of UFA wanted the location to look just as real as possible, including the kind of buildings that can be seen in the studios of the famous Russian studio directors that created the cartoon super league. To this end, the city of Moscow was selected as the perfect place for the UFA filming. As the producers made their way to the Russian capital, they had to fly a plane with no name on it over the mountains, which is where the movie actually got its name.

With that background, it was quite fitting for UFA to take place in the capital city of Russia, since it was exactly where the UFA was created. However, instead of filmed on location in Moscow, UFA was filmed in Belaya. Belaya is basically the name of the town within Russia, while ‘belaya’ means ‘of the republic’. However, UFA is most likely to be shot outside of Belaya, since the majority of the filming will take place in Ufa itself.

The towns of Ufa and Belaya as they are commonly known are the administrative districts of Stavropol and Mikhayevsky Prokhimov. The former is basically a larger city than Belaya while the latter is much smaller. Both are part of the Russian Federal District. The town’s name came from two words that mean “little bay”, namely bay and parshot. As you might guess, Belaya is where the film’s characters spend their time in while traveling between Ufa and Mikhayevsk.

The most significant buildings in Ufa and Mikhayevsk are the Orthodox cathedral and the Ufa Administrative District Administration Building. The archipelago of islands called Sakhalin and Plyai are also situated near the two cities. It was here that the main characters of the film, Vasili and Sasha, first met. Besides the two mentioned locations, there are also several other interesting places to visit while in Russia. Some of these include the village of Pavlova, Samovski, Plyai, along with several others.

All in all, visiting Russia is an experience that anyone who loves culture and Russian people must enjoy. There are a variety of attractions to see while in Russia, so no matter what country you visit, it is bound to give you a unique experience. No matter if you want to spend three or four days there, or even for a month or two, there is a place for you in Russia. Whether it is a vacation spot, a fishing hole, a walkway between the two rivers, a cultural center or just a good restaurant to eat at, Russia has something for everyone. So when you hear the sound of the Siberian ancestors calling out their ancient culture, make sure to make it a point to visit the ufa.