The State of Ufa in the Russian Federation


The State of Ufa in the Russian Federation

The Financial Times reported on a meeting of officials from the Association of Russian Agencies (Rosbration) and the Federation of Motion Picture and Film Development (FSAD) that took place in the town of Ufa, near St. Petersburg in Russia. The officials discussed ways to improve the state of the film industry in that region. According to the newspaper, the officials discussed their plans to increase the number of movie screens in movie theaters, reduce ticket prices and expand the current exhibition chain of Ufa cinemas. The officials also discussed ways to increase revenues from tourist spending on venues such as the Ufa Film City, which has multiple movie screens, including one each for the main film genre, independent films and theater chains.

Earlier this month, Russia’s largest producer of vodkas, Semyonovskiy zaiat, publicly stated that he had decided to move his manufacturing operations to Belaya. The reason cited was the poor economic and monetary conditions in ufa, and that the government and the private sector were not investing in it. The head of state, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, stated that he fully understood Semyonovskiy’s frustration regarding the situation. In response, Medvedev said that there was nothing to worry about, and that all the problems in ufa and the surrounding regions were caused by the authorities, not by the businessmen. According to Medvedev, everyone in ufa had a choice whether to work there or not. “Therefore, it’s up to them to decide whether they are going to stay or leave the region.”

The head of ufa, Vasili Oreshkin, told reporters that ufa was ready to expand its business throughout Russia, regardless of whether it would do so in bashkortostan or in another region. In addition, he told RIA Novosti that there were no special privileges for businessmen who decide to establish a ufa branch in ufa. Medvedev was also asked if he thought that the economic conditions in ufa were unsatisfactory and if he thought that ufa would be able to resist the attack of western companies from the west in the sphere of finance. He refused to answer these questions saying that ufa’s policy was based on the principle of equality of opportunity and there were no special privileges for any one company in the region.

On October 25, the Ministry of Finance issued a decree of subsidies for ufa businesses. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that on September 2011, the president of Russia announced that the government would give 100 million roubles for each taxpayer for the implementation of ufa. Immediately following this announcement, the value of the ruble was reduced by over 40 percent. However, the new decree, published on October 25, made it possible for taxpayers to claim subsidies even for products that were imported into ufa without the need for receipts. In addition to this, an increasing number of Russian businessmen have begun purchasing industrial goods produced in ufa at prices much below their western counterparts.

The third area that is receiving attention in the field of ufa has been the Bashkortostan. Although, technically speaking, the word ‘batkortostan’ does not coincide with the first two letters of the Russian word, it refers to the regions of Bashkortostan and Primorya, situated between Rostov and Moscow. The word has only been in use for the last few years but due to its rapid growth, it is soon likely to displace balochistan within a very short period. It has already replaced the previously popular golakotnye stok, though it is still difficult to find golf clubs, tennis balls, chocolates and other consumer goods in the region.

The development of ufa will inevitably impact all aspects of life in the Russian Federation. Economically, it will most certainly have an effect on the currency. In terms of political, cultural or ethnic, it will have a profound impact on all spheres of life in Russia. Therefore, I believe that it is worthwhile to get hold of a quality ufa guide.