The Russian Super League

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Among the cities mentioned, Moscow is one of the most historically rich, having been one of the destinations for Peter the Great’s expedition. This location also happens to be home to a host of historic ruins, including St. Petersburg Cathedral and the Winter Palace. Another famous landmark in Moscow is the Pushkins Square, with its towering statue of a satrap named Alexander Nevsky and a wide, tree-shaded lawn. Among the upscale shopping centers in Moscow are Golos and Pleasure Gardens, as well as the Hotel Pushkin and Hotel Miramonti, both located in Pushkin. To cap off the evening, head to the top of Red Square, where the metro system begins its climb toward the Kremlin from Red Square.

Cairo, the biggest metropolitan area in Egypt, also makes up a prominent location in the Ufa markets, with many of the same locations mentioned above. Among the destinations cited in the Ufa brochure, a visit to the Giza pyramids is recommended, as well as a trip to the Luxor temple complex, which was built by Cleopatra. Other notable landmarks in Cairo include the Egyptian Museum and the Sphinx of Giza.

Bashkortostan is another popular destination in the Ufa region, noted for its vast deserts, particularly around the city of Krasnogorsk. One of the most popular deserts in the republic is the Dashchoiskirchen desert, which can boast of a temperature of minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. The best times to visit here are between November and February, when the climate is warm, although it can get quite hot in summer. The main attractions of the Dashchoiskirchen desert include the Pleskoninkai River, the Krasnogorsk hill and the Pleskoninkai arch.

Belaya, which is the second largest Ufa administrative district, covers the peninsular area of the coastal plain. It is considered one of the best destinations for both outdoor enthusiasts and historians. The most important attractions here are the sand dunes, the kami (mountains) and the turquoise blue sea. Among the important sights to see in Belaya are the terracotta fort, the fortress and the copper mines of the Korkoy-Gororkoy copper field. The city also has a number of museums and art galleries dedicated to ufa traditions.

Most people traveling to Ufa and the Russian North don’t even realize that the only professional league in the Russian Federation is the Super League. This is due to the fact that the country’s most important sporting events – the Ural-Komsomoly-Spir TV Cup, the Ural-Komsomolets Cup and the Vlamshvay Cup, are not hosted here. Most of the sporting events that are organized here are also far removed from the glitz and glamour of the super leagues. These include the semi-professional level Ural-ilic TV Cup, Ural Cup, the preemptive Ural-Komsomolets Cup and the very popular preemptive Russian Super League. All these and more are held in Ufa.