The Russian Hockey Hall of Fame – Ufa and RK

The Uniform Player Factor (USF) classifies professional athletes by a number of aspects, including age, experience, style of clothing, and performance statistics. Age is based on the retired ages (e.g., players past retirement age), but players can still be classified as UFA if they turn 35 in May of the current year. Experience includes game attendance, wins, losses, ties, playoff appearances, and career longevity. Style of clothing and performance statistics include usage, style, and appearance. In addition to these factors, the player is also required to complete a physical during the season prior to being eligible for the ranking system.


Group 1 UFA consists of players with professional experience, who have not played in the NHL. These players include Russian pros like Denis Ystachkow, Yaroslav Krejci, and Andrei Zykov. Russia is represented by three of the six players in this group. Players with UFA status do not need to qualify for arbitration; instead, they can negotiate for a shorter contract using the negotiation rankings provided by NHL salary information services. The players’ contracts run two years minimum, although players can opt out up to five years in certain circumstances.

Group 2 comprises Russian pros including Alexey Desnarov, Igor Larionov, Maxim Saveliev, and Anatoli Tsyglov. All six players listed here have spent time playing in the KHL, but none have ever suited up for the Rupees and Rubles. This group does not feature any players with international experience. They play for the club Tula preferably in the MHL, but players from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden, and North America may join the club. The Tula club often uses the names Vityaz and Sparta.

The third and final grouping comprise the maximum number of players who are currently playing in the NHL. Among these players is Alexander Ovechkin, who is from Russia. Ovechkin is currently tied with NHL player Alex Semin for most goals scored (albeit Semin’s numbers are subject to change). Semin also plays for the Yaroslav Krejci and Bashkir Kutsar of the Rustbors. Thelen and Tretino both hail from the Leningrad region of Russia.

Although it does not feature an abundance of NHL players, Moscow has a rich hockey tradition. The museum, which houses the Ufa and Rzerskoy-Korsavtivyok (RK) teams was named after a former coach of the Musketeers who is famous for his rabble tactics and military tactics. The museum, which features both the NHL and Russian national anthems also features a spectacular Olympic portrait of Soviet President Josef Stalin.

The museum is open every day and has a summer schedule of visiting prominent personalities from both the NHL and Russia. Some of these include former players of the NHL such as Bruce Boudreault, Frank Boucher, Mike Ricci, and Mats Sundheim. There is also a special exhibit dealing with the Olympic Games of Russia. At times the RK will hold training camp events with NHL teams at the Maxim Zverev Ice Arena. The ice arena was previously used by the Soviet hockey team Ak Bars Kazakstan. The museum displays memorabilia from NHL and other Russian teams.