The Russian Army and the Ukrainian People

Ufa is the second largest city of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan; it is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River. When the Mongols came to power, their biggest city was found here, Bashgirdt. It has been continuously occupied by the Tatars, Chechens and Ingushans ever since. The city is very photogenic due to its huge variety of scenery including the reeds of the rivers, the pine trees, different types of palm trees and the birch thickets. Its main industries are oil and gas, timber, petrochemicals, paper and coal. As a result, its real estate has become very expensive.


The main international airport in Ufa is Ubatyev A.S. The main railway station of Ufa is the famous ufa rail station. Other significant transport stations in ufa include the Buganychnya, Tverskaya, Khmeinvarnsk, Ovshyn, Staropromek and the cities’ railway station. The railway network of ufa helps the visitors reach the capital of ufa including the cities of Novgorod, Nissa, Arkhangelsky, Severino-Kavkazy, Epshenik-Khrushchy, Tula and Stavropoulos-Izhma etc.

The most important place to visit in ufa is ufa town. It’s located on the riverbank of the Belaya River and is the focal point of all entertainment and recreation activities. The town was built around an old-fashioned fort on the bank of the river. It now serves as a depot for all kinds of goods coming from Russia, the CIS, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and the USA. The train station of bashkortostan is one of the major stations in the ufa railways.

The largest town of ufa is ufa capital bashkortostan which is housing around 8 million inhabitants. It has a wide range of accommodation facilities. Most accommodation facilities are situated in or close to the cities’ railway station and also in or near the town. Ufa has modern resorts and hotels catering to all kinds of budgets. There are also many caravan parks and camping grounds available for rent in ufa.

The President Hotel is a three star hotel. It has rooms with ultra-modern amenities and comforts and also has a restaurant which serves all types of food. The restaurant of this hotel is always open for tourist and visitors. The President Hotel is located at the centre of ufa’s main shopping and commercial area known as lenina street. The President Hotel has an indoor pool and several restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls and shopping arcades.

The Russian Military Glory Museum is a three storey building housing some fine collections of weapons and armaments of the Russian army and its allies. It was built in 1998 and till date is one of Russia’s leading cultural attractions. The museum is open for public and it is worth visiting.