The Role of UFA in the Middle East

“COLORS OF AN OLD BANK,” an animated short by award winning director Yorgi Tamadon, is a fun film directed by Yorgi Tamadon, which offers some good one-liners. It features the voice of recognizable Middle Eastern figures like Hassan el Husseini, Hamed ElBayoumi, Ahmed Rehab and Ghaled Khayyam. The film is produced by Participant Media and distributed by Participant Media/Euphor Films in association with Al Ray Television.


“COLORS OF AN OLD BANK,” (Animation), originally intended as a short film to celebrate the Russian winning of the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, has become a passion project for many viewers. After the movie became successful, people began to ask for a sequel. So Yorgi Tamadon set about making a feature-length animated follow-up to Colors of an Old Bank. Although it started out as a short film, it went on to win several film festival awards and went on to become an important feature documentary about the art and culture of Russia and the country of Hezbollah in the Middle East. It won four Academy Awards including for Best Music, Best Screenplay, Best Picture and Best Director. An English Arabic version was also made, but did not receive any Academy Awards.

The film depicts life in both Russia and Hezbollah in the near-future. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev meets with the head of Hezbollah in a park in Moscow to discuss border issues. Hezbollah leader Khadzhwa goes to Syria to negotiate directly with Syria’s president, while simultaneously meeting with the leader of the Chechens in the Russian city of Grozny. The head of Hezbollah’s military wing, General Salim Idris, is also present at the talks. The leaders of both organizations then decide to put their differences aside, and put aside their nationalistic rhetoric and come together to form the Union of Islamic Fasters or UFA as it is called in Russia.

To facilitate the integration of Hezbollah and Syria, UFA was designed with a unique monetary system, similar to that of the European Monetary System. The currencies of both the United States and Russia are included, although rubles and Dollars of each are used as the international currency in UFA. One of the major attractions of UFA is that its rates are fixed and not floating, like those of the currencies of the United States and the European Union. In addition, it is a one-time payment system, rather than a rotating currency, so if a member of the Union decides to leave the organization, they do not lose their cash in the process. Members of UFA are allowed to keep their old money (including cash, jewelry, gold, and other valuable items) after leaving the organization, while those who wish to switch to another currency are able to do so. This system, which offers financial freedom to all members of the union, makes UFA an attractive option for those wishing to make investments in the Middle East or Russia.

Many of those wishing to join the Union of Islamic Fasting cannot easily move from one country to another. However, with the advent of modern technology, such as the Internet, the possibility of earning money by working online has become possible, thus opening up a new avenue for potential members. As well, because the government of Hezbollah maintains good relations with the Russian government, it is very possible that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev can make a surprise visit to the holy places of Islam and spread the word of the religion worldwide. Although many people doubt the sincerity of Russian President Medvedev, especially since he is currently under house arrest for corruption, it is highly unlikely that the leader of the Islamic faith will visit Syria and Iran to spread his message of peace and Islam.

Even though the system of the Union of Islamic Financial Agents is still relatively new, its application to all members of the FSA may yet prove fruitful. With the influx of free trade zones around the world, more members will be able to take advantage of the opportunities to convert their local currency into those of the other members of the organization. Additionally, with the unstable economic conditions experienced in the Middle East, any opportunity to earn money on the cheap should not be missed. Though the future of UFA remains uncertain, its impact on the way that investors exchange currencies will continue to grow, providing countless opportunities for both profit and comfort to its members.