The President Hotel – Ufa, Morocco

UFA or Ultra-flyer Fancy Flights is the Russian equivalent of US Airways and Tiger Airways. It is the only Russian airline that carries both the names. The interesting part is that this airline was started not by a Russian airline but by an American. Richard Boeing, a former US aerospace executive, was in search of a new way to carry goods from Alaska to Russia. He wanted a solution for the high cost of transporting goods by sea and air and also wanted to create a new name in the aviation industry. He set up his own company in October 1994 and launched UFA to compete with the likes of British Airways, Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines.


UFA doesn’t have its own fleet of aircraft. It is operated by the Iridium satellite company. As one might expect, UFA flies out of Moscow and takes passengers from its base in Irkutsk (in Russia) direct to its destinations. However, since April, the company has been operating from the belaya, which is a Siberian town, instead of from Moscow. This move has meant that people flying from ufa international airport in Moscow can take advantage of discounts on travel to Russia, as they can fly directly from ufa to Moscow (or any other destination within the country).

The most important station in Ufa’s network is the cosmodrome at Barnaul. This facility is only open for emergencies, so you need to book flights to Barnaul beforehand to avoid disappointment. The cosmodrome has been working for almost half a century and was built by the US during the height of the cold war. The cosmodrome is surrounded by housing and shops. Many of these are souvenirs of the US military presence in ufa, but there is a very modern hotel nearby, so visitors don’t need to worry about being overcharged! The hotels include a swimming pool and a restaurant, so if you like eating out it’s an excellent choice.

The capital of Ufa, bashkir, is only about ten kilometers from Barnaul. From there you can travel to the rest of the district by driving, take a train or bus, or take a taxi. One way to get around is to rent a car in birzhany, the main town in ufa. Birzhany is a wonderful place to shop, especially for souvenirs. You should also make sure to check out the museums in birzhany, such as the State Museum of Ufa and the Museum of Ancient Everything. The museum of ancient everything (including an elephant skull) is particularly interesting, as it offers a glimpse into the lifestyles and culture of nomadic tribes in Asia, the region known as ‘the Russian Steppes’.

While you’re in town, you might want to spend some time wandering around the magnificent Tsentaroff Cathedral. This is a great place to see, as it offers a breathtaking view of the village of Barnaul. It’s also home to an impressive museum, the Museum of Ancient Everything. The museum features an enormous collection of Russian artifacts, including a reconstruction of a Tsentaroff Cathedral, a mammoth statue of a Tsentaroff lady and even a recreated village kitchen. In addition to all this, the museum also has a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner.

The presidential hotel is located close enough to both the railway station and the airport, to allow you to get to the airport by train, and to connect with a bus service to take you to all of your other stops. The hotel is also centrally located, making it convenient for you to visit all of your other stops as you like. The hotel is conveniently located in a busy part of Muscat, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost if you decide to travel out of town for the night. The average price of a bed and breakfast in Ufa is less than forty dollars, which is definitely a steal when you consider what you get for your money. You will certainly be glad that you made the investment in a posh, comfortable bed and breakfast in Ufa, when you land up in the charming town of Muscat and see how life in this region comes together.