The President Hotel and Apartments in Ufa, Russia


The President Hotel and Apartments in Ufa, Russia

UFA or Unova, as it is known in Russia is the second largest town of Bashkortostan located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River. It has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, since many of its residents are university students. It was here that the legendary writer Pushkin lived and where the famous writer and poet Tolstoy lived, before he moved to France.

UFA was originally known as Ufas, or home of free men, but this name was changed when the city was captured by the Cossacks at the time of their victory over the White Russian army. It was from this point onwards that the city came to be known as Ufa. After the Czar’s demise, the town gradually became a Russian protectorate and the name was changed to Ufa and of bashkir. This name however, did not last long and in 17zhatsk (the present day Saint Petersburg) Ufa was redesigned into Ufa ryzhaki. The town has always retained a special place for the Russian people and tourists alike.

There are several international airports servicing Ufa, and the main Ufa airport is in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. The other important airport is in Nizhni, which is located in the center of taiavabad, the biggest urban area in ufa. From the major international airports you will need to take a cab or bus to reach the town of Ufa, which is about half an hour drive from central taiavabad.

The prices for cabins in Ufa are very cheap, as the city center is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit, both in Russia and abroad. At the very least, you can expect to be charged no more than a hundred rubles per person for a comfortable cabin. Food and drink can be rented from local restaurants, which often provide Western and Russian cuisine. Hotels and inns also rent out rooms to visitors, at rates ranging between two hundred and four hundred rubles per person. These hotels typically provide a host of services such as hot water, but there are also many restaurants and bars in the city center.

The currency exchange rate is very favourable, and it is easy to convert currency from ufa to rubles and vice versa. When traveling within the country, it is recommended to allow for conversion when visiting the foreign currency markets. The best time to visit the markets is in the late afternoon, as this is when the rates are lowest. The markets are also open well into the evening, so you can trade throughout the night. The cabins in ufa are not far from the cities’ international airport, which means that if you stay somewhere between the cities of Ufa and Belaya, you will have a quick and easy access to the markets.

A stay in a self catering apartment in ufa will give you all the comforts of home, with all the modern amenities that you would expect to find in one of the cosy Moscow hotels. You can also expect the free WiFi in your room, as well as cable TV and telephone services. The president hotel offers a deluxe continental breakfast each morning, which is served in a fine Russian style round table. The price for a comfortable apartment in ufa ranging from a few hundred to about five hundred rubles per person includes free breakfast, continental lunch, tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, bedding and soft furnishings.