The New York Review – Russia

Ufa is the main capital of the Russian Federation. It lies on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River, and is among the largest cities in the scope of the total area of land covered by its metropolitan area. During the period of the Mongol invasion, their capital city was also located here, Bashnarkh. Under the communist rule, Ufa was split into several districts: Zholobor, Stavropol, Samtsevos, Semenchak, and parts of Styria.


The first town to be developed in Ufa was Semenchak, which is a busy port on the river bank. In later years, Semenchak was divided into two parts: Ufa itself, and the outlying regions of Bashkir, Nizhny, and Barga. It’s a nice place for tourists, as both seminyak and bashkir have an interesting history.

Nowadays, Ufa presents a nice picture: a wide network of railways, modern airport facilities, including two international airports (Nizhny Tagil and Osibirsk-Khrushchay-Ruzomair), along with many large cities including Stavropol, Nizhny, and Osibirsk. If you take a rail journey from Ufa to the southern part of Russia, you’ll see the impressive Tsarovskiy Mountains. At the southern part of the country, you will find the Volga River. And if you want to get somewhere very quickly, there is the new Ufa International Airport, which connects Ufa, Samtsevsky, and Khabarovsk with the Asia-Pacific International Airport in Irkutsk.

The major transport links from Ufa to Samtsevsky and Khabarovsk are the railway, the bus, and the taxi. The railway connection is rather convenient, and the most sensible way to travel from Ufa to Samtsevsky (the nearest metro station is Samtskoye Lukyanka). On the other hand, travelling by bus would be a more appropriate choice, as it is much cheaper. The journey by taxi to the other cities within the region should take about three hours and will give you a chance to look around some of the more interesting cities of Russia.

The other major transportation means from Ufa to the cities of Chelyabinsk, Krasnitsin, and Nizhniyem, is by train. The journey takes just two hours, and the train stations located at Nevetsk and Chingui are quite convenient. The cab services are quite costly, but still a better option than using the train. Of course, if you are planning to stay at a resort in Ufa, you will need to take the train, as there are no direct flights from Ufa to these cities. Therefore, a combination of rail and taxi would be a better option.

As for accommodation, there are plenty of choices for travellers who are looking to stay in a more convenient way. There are hotels in Ufa, which cater mainly to tourists. There are many places in and around the region, ranging from the cosy Russian apartments for sale, to chic lodgings for people looking to treat themselves to a good bargain vacation. For those who do not intend to stay in the Ufa region for extended periods of time, there are also many apartments, villas, and guest houses for rent.