The Mysterious Wealthy Affair


The Mysterious Wealthy Affair

Ufa is the second largest town of Bashkortostan, Russia. It is located on the river bank of the Belaya (White) River, which flows from the north of Mongolia into China. During the ancient times, it was the capital of the Russian Empire. Being one of the most important trading stations, Moscow was constantly being surrounded by enemies. In the year of the 8th century, during the reign of Kufri, it was here that the first white silk was grown.

From then, Ufa gradually developed into a major trading post in the region with the growth of its population. Today, it houses the largest show room for sports cars in the world. The city was incorporated into the World Heritage List in 2021 because of its rich ancient architecture and beautiful scenery. The ufa railroad station is the chief commercial airport in the region with the second one being the Shekhovtam Airport.

The railway station has an annual passenger count of over one million people each day. The railway network is one of the most efficient and economical transport ways in the world with over a million passengers moving through on an annual basis. The train service links the major cities of Ufa, Nizhni, Volsk, Shekhovtam and Samara.

In the mid-Celtic era, Ufa was among the first cities in the entire country to produce maple leaves using the new method of ‘glassing’ (translucent glass containing tiny holes). The use of maple leafs dates back to the sixth century BC, when the Scandinavians used it to win gold and other treasures. In modern times the most popular products made from maple are soft toys, kitchen wares and musical instruments. A one-year-old child will hold on to ten pieces of maple leafs during his life, which is equivalent to about twenty pieces of gold today.

The town had an agreement with the writer Anna Blixen to create a series of books based on her life. However, she never completed the volumes and now they are lost. Anna Blixen lived in Ufa for almost ten years and left behind an estate of more than three million rubles. The author’s estate included all of her works, which, according to the state statistics department, represents nearly six percent of the entire State capital budget. The books themselves represent about one percent of the entire State revenue. The largest of these books, entitled Anna Blixen: My Years at Ufa, sold out in just a few days and there is expected to be a rush of similar books to follow.

If these figures are not enough to convince you that the famous UFA owner was rich, then perhaps you should take into consideration that the author received a one-year stipend of fifty thousand roubles, or about $5.00 a day. She also received twenty percent commission on each book she wrote, so her annual income at the time must have been considerable. Anna Blixen passed away in 2021 and is buried in Ufa, close to where she left off her unfinished books. It has only been in the last few years that her body was found and now we are all aware of how close she actually was to completing her books, which makes this the perfect example of when wealth can be truly remarkable.