The Most Prosperous Small Cities in Russia

Ufa is the largest city of the republic of Bashkortostan, in the North of Russia. It is located on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River and is one of Russia’s most important cities in termsWhen the Russian empire collapsed, Ufa was one of many towns that became a trade crossroads between China and Europe, and today it still attracts a lot of tourists who come to witness the unique culture and life under the yarraine (romanovia). It was a major trade crossroad between Asia and Europe at that time, and it developed a strong economy. Today, the city prospers economically with its vast amount of oil resources, gas and coal deposits, making it one of the richest cities of Russia. During the times of the Mongolian rule, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt


The first UFA house museum is located at the junction of the riverbank and the oblast (republic) of Ufa, which is located in the district of Rustavi oblast. The exact location of Ufa is not clearly known. But from the present time, the main residential area of Ufa consists of mostly apartments and flat buildings, and the town serves as a crossing point for trucks, motor vehicles, and people. Besides, there are modern housing complexes in Ufa and a large number of factories and warehouses, both public and private. Besides, the city also has a large amount of recreational centers, including a huge sports complex – the Sportpalast.

The present-day town of Ufa has been developing rapidly and became a big metropolis of Russia with a bustling commercial and business center. Besides, the region has an important port that has a port complex, a large industrial park and a whole host of other industries. As far as the culture and history of Ufa are concerned, the city’s rich cultural heritage is widely spread throughout the oblast as a major cultural center of Bashkortostan region. For example, the best known cultural tradition of Bashkortostan is its artistic and literary heritage, which can be traced through the names of famous poets and writers like Vasili Oschepkov, Pavlovsky, Khrenov, Pushkin and others.

The best and the most profitable commodity imported or exported from Ufa or Bashkortostan are currency. It’s the only city in Russia where you can purchase rubles (also called Russian rubles) at a rate of 100 rubles per person. It’s true that you will find a lot of tourists who are buying and selling rubles as they see fit. You will find a large number of posh shops all over the city selling all kinds of precious and semiprecious stones and metals. But if you want to get the real value of your rubles, it’s more sensible to exchange them on the black market rather than to buy them in the capital of Russia.

The people of Ufa are very hard-working. They don’t have time to complain about anything or to take any rest. Though the capital is a large city and many people live there, they prefer to live in the outskirt of the town, where there is less crowd and many entertainment activities are going on. There’s nothing better than working in such a relaxed atmosphere.