The Legal framework of Russian Federation


The Legal framework of Russian Federation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quickly re-emerging as one of the leading tourist and leisure travel destinations in the world. This is a direct result of the vision and leadership of the UAE’s ruler, His Highness (grandson of the late King) Sheik Kamal bin Rashid. UAE has been a driving force behind promoting peace, unity, economic development, environmental awareness, Islamic tourism and foreign investment across the globe. Since taking charge, the Sheik has made it a point to implement an agenda that is forward looking, whilst laying down the groundwork for creating a more stable and prosperous future for his country and its people. He has also made UAE’s military capabilities a top priority with the deployment of the UAE Fifth Generation Fighting Aircraft (NFFA), stealth unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced military aircraft and a number of CV and troop carrier training and exercises.

With regard to infrastructure development and promotion of the private sector, the Sheik has approved a plan to transform the Ras Mohammed International Airport into the world’s largest aviation terminal. He has also approved a plan to develop and upgrade the Al Mamzar Airport in UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Also part of the strategy is the construction of the largest passenger terminal in the world at Fujairah, with the adjacent Emirates Towers becoming the tallest freestanding structure in the world. The Sheik has also approved plans to turn the Al Dhabi Port and Fabulous Mall into the world’s largest shopping centre. There is also talk of the development of Universal Dubai, the world’s largest theme park.

On another positive note, the head of the Dubai Gold Market, Saleh Al Noumi was appointed as the first United Arab Emirates (UAE) vice-minister of Culture, Information and Sport after a term as Crown Prince of Dubai. The forty-year old former journalist has held a variety of posts in various Arab countries including Egypt, Iraq and Israel. A citation needed to be published by the ministry of information regarding his achievements in the international industry.

A major international project is underway in ufa, which is aimed at improving the quality of water and electricity consumption in the Russian Federation. The projects include the introduction of solar energy into the grid, together with schemes to reduce household electricity bills. In addition, a new airport terminal and an international airport are being planned for Kashkortostan, Russia. The completion of these two projects will allow the resale of property in Kashkortostan, while the growth of tourism in Russia will be boosted by these investments.

In spite of the growing economy in the Russian economy, the authorities in ufa continue to struggle with issues of land ownership and resource allocation. The problems of resource allocation are particularly pronounced in the village of Pascherti, close to the town of Belaya and to the east of ufa. The village of Pascherti was created during the era of communal farming, when large properties were distributed among the villagers for their use. In recent times, however, the village has been transformed into a mixed residential area, housing both Russian citizens and foreigners.

As regards the legal framework, the laws governing property ownership in ufa revolve around the “zornets” and “naskh” in contrast to that in the rest of the ural. As in many other parts of the ural, the sale of property within the village of Pascherti is prohibited, but there are no restrictions on the transfer of property outside of it. Property sales in ufa, along with that in the rest of the ural, are regulated by the “super league” corporation, which appoints a board of directors to administer the sale of land and other assets.