The Law of Unlimited Free Agents Abides at UFA

Ufa is the administrative capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan; it is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River. This region was under the influence of different cultures – from the Sung dynasty, to the Buddhist religious movements of Genghis Khan and the Khmer dynasty. When it became part of the Russian Empire, the town gradually emerged as a major town and began to become one of the most important places of attraction in the region. Today, Ufa still retains its historical role as an important place of tourist interest. In fact, many people come to Ufa for various holidays and vacations, not only Russian tourists but even those from all around the world who visit Russia and wish to experience what it’s all about.


There are many places of interest in Ufa and you can spend some time visiting them. You will find a number of interesting monuments and museums in Ufa, such as the Lenins Museum, the Rashtarni Museum, the Science and Education Museum, the Oktyabrsky Museum, and the Ufa State House. The Lenins Museum is devoted to the works of painter Alexey Prakhan, who is widely known for his depiction of Uralian landscapes. The museum also contains a huge collection of greeting cards and carpets, which were created by Prakhan. The Science and Education Museum and the Institute of Fine Arts are the other important institutions in ufa.

The Ufa house museum is a repository of different collections, most of which are based on art. The Ufa State House Museum is a significant place of attraction as it houses almost 400 antique and rare paintings. You will be also impressed by the collection of sculptures that comprise the bashkortostan and rugs. The Rashtarni Museum is devoted to the works of artist Rashtan Bakhach. This museum also contains a fine collection of ceramics and other decorative artifacts.

Apart from these, the Leninska and Oktyabrsky museums are home to other rare antiques and arts. The Oktyabrsky Museum houses a rich collection of furniture from the seventeenth century. The Rashtarni Museum houses the world’s largest collection of traditional Russian works of art. The museums of ufa and Russia are a must visit for art lovers.

The President Hotel is a famous landmark in Ufa. The building, which was destroyed during the Second World War, is being rebuilt and the hotel has been named the Olof Prinovitz Art Center. The Leninska Museum and the Rashtarni Museum are some other important establishments of ufa.

Although the ufa regime allows its residents to travel abroad, there are some rules that one should follow. The most important rule is that one cannot work as a foreign agent for any company in the ufa, unless the company has arranged for such an arrangement. Moreover, the person cannot hold a passport or take other travel documents of any kind with him while working in the city. Therefore, the unrestricted free agent is someone who has the consent of his employer to work abroad and who is not under any type of ban or restriction.