The Economical Side of Ufa

Ufa, or Ufa city is the largest city of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River on the side of Chechnya. For many centuries, it was the capital city of the powerful Russian Empire. It was also one of its largest ports during the rule of Genghis Khan.


Though today the airport of Ufa has been converted into a military airport, but the city is still considered part of the Russian Federation. Even today, the city is recognized as a port by all nations, except for China. Though Ufa is fully functioning as a port again, many people who used to live in Ufa have left for other places. Most of them are pensioners who moved to other countries and want to live in a place where they get paid. Though there are a lot of jobs in Ufa, most of them are unimportant because the prices of goods have been increasing constantly in the last years. Still, there are some industries in Ufa that are developing, though they don’t pay very high salaries.

The main industries in Ufa are agriculture, forestry, fishing, silk and pearls and transport. Only few of them pay more than one million roubles per annum. The most important industries in Ufa are diamond sawing, leather products, petroleum refining, electrical equipment, chemical products, locomotives, carpenters and the like. Even if they pay less than one million roubles per annum, they are still counted among the most important industries in Ufa. The only industry that pays more than two million roubles per annum is the paper and ink industry.

The second biggest industry in Ufa is tourism and travel industry. This sector employs around 7 million people and pays around 8 billion roubles per annum. The most important tourist attraction in Ufa is Khun Chai, situated in Naadam village. Khun Chai is home to the world’s first Universal Exhibition Hall. Besides tourism, this area also houses the International University.

The third largest industry in Ufa is telecommunication and cable industry. This sector employs around seven million people and pays around three billion roubles per annum. One of the major telecommunication companies in Ufa is Sonaviec, which has the contracts with leading telecommunication network in the world including Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Orange in Europe, the United Kingdom and South Africa and Cable, which have contracts with the leading telecommunication companies in Asia including KFC, Idea, Vodafone and SoftBank. Besides these, there are many other giants active in telecommunication and cable industries. They are Sitatec, MTN, Tata Indicom, Tata Telecom, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

With growing internationalization and expanding economy, all these four industries are growing at a rapid pace. And along with it came the UFA law. The only thing that could slow down these rapid growth rates in these industries is the lack of UFA telecom contract.