The Economic Benefits of Owning a Hockey Team

The capital Ufa, region of the Volga River area of Bashkortostan, is around 1200 kilometers away from Moscow. It is the third largest city in the Russian Federation and is considered as a transitional town. It was known as Khabarovsk in old times. A visit to the place will allow you to discover some unique cultural aspects of Russian culture. Sportbooks in Ufa make booking affordable for lovers of Ufa sports.


As far as the sports is concerned, the three most popular are: Golf, tennis and skiing. Ufa has built five championship courses that were developed specifically for this purpose, namely the Club tournament, the Akhseener club tournament, the Volgograd ski-ball tournament and the Zapotow tournament. All these games require professionals. If you are an enthusiast and wish to play these games in the Ufa region, then you need to make arrangement to get a ticket.

Two other popular winter sports include “snow hockey” and “snow plowing”. These sports are enjoyed by the people both inside Ufa and in nearby regions such as Krasnitsin. The ice hockey championships of Ufa are held in the summer months, while the remaining two seasons are suitable for off season activities. The ice hockey event of Ufa was held on the basis of “brotherhoods” and “fellow countries”. The participants come from all over Russia and international teams as well as local teams.

There are various other winter sports organized in Ufa. Two of them require you to wear special Ufa clothing – the fur vests and the woolen caps. According to statistics, over one million people attended Ufa’s first ever winter hockey match. Amongst the players were hockey legends Evgeni Nabakov and Alexy Pominov. The entire audience at the Ufastad Arena came to watch Russian National Teams and the representatives of NHL such as Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers.

Another sport that attracts huge numbers to Ufa is the bull and bear race. The bull and bear race was founded back in 1932 and has been running for almost one-year already. The winner of the race is given a huge gold prize, with the runner being made to wear the distinctive orange vests. Over 700,000 people have watched the races over the last few years and many more fill out souvenir bags as a result. Some of the spectators were even allowed to touch the prize money.

The winter Olympics is also popular sports for Ufa inhabitants. Over the last few years, more than one-third of the total population of Ufa have registered a form of sport related to the Winter Olympics. Of those who have participated, nearly two-thirds of them have received a gold medal. This represents the largest amount of endorsement deals ever awarded to any single city in the world and represents a great opportunity for local businesses to promote their brands and increase their sales potential.