The Development of Ufa and Bashkortostan

For many sports books, ufa (unifiedFA) is considered to be a very important city in Russia. For many reasons, many sports books see it as the next U.S. city to become major when it comes to betting, gaming and gambling. Ufa being the second largest city in Russia has great potential of becoming the next U.S. city to become a major tourist destination and the next gambling capital of Russia. However, there are still some Russian people who consider ufa as nothing more than a small town and they do not see the benefits it can bring to the country. Many people also think that it is very far from Moscow.


The healthy budgetary results, low debt service, strong cash position and secure financial outlook of ufa, the national lottery board, prompted the recent positive outlook change by the association, the agency stated. The region ‘UFA’, central region of the Volga River’s area of Bashkortostan, is about 1200 miles from Moscow. It is located on the left bank of the river where it passes through mostly untouched backwaters, marsh lands and small forests. Many believe that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it is famous for its amazing landscape. It is called a ‘green paradise’ because of the abundance of wildlife and plants along the river banks.

The first administrative district in the ufa, Belaya, is located on the right bank of the river. Belaya is the second largest administrative district of the ufa and is considered to be a center of trade, industry and commerce. There are many settlements in belaya, including the famous ‘Kurs’ or Golden Settlement which is the oldest settlement on the river. Other settlements include ‘Zaless’ (the old capital) and ‘Sakhal’ or Golden Hills, which are located on the left bank of the river. In the early years of development of ufa, Belaya was considered the capital, but nowadays the whole region is considered as a federal unit of Russia.

From the above description it is evident that there are some differences between belaya and ufa administrative districts. Among other things, in ufa, there are no distinct federal institutions like the Federal Research Center (GRU), the Federal State University (SSU) or Russian State University. Though there are many colleges and universities in belaya, they are not as developed as in ufa.

The urban community in ufa is very diverse due to various ethnic groups, languages and migration. People who speak different languages and belong to different cultural groups live together in this area. The most significant ethnic group in ufa is the Islam faith, which accounts for more than forty percent of the population. Most Muslims are of Tajik origin, though there are also large populations from Chechens, Ingush, Pashto Turkmen, Turkoman and other Central Asian states. The Arab population is also considerable in this urban centre.

Since Ufa and bashkortostan are the most populated cities, they also have the largest teams in the league, with about sixteen and a half million people. This is the third largest league in Russia, after the KHL and the Komsomolsky Provisional Flyers. The KHL is the only major international hockey league in Russia. Each season, a number of North American and European professional ice hockey players spend time training and playing in Russia, giving rise to the now well known NHL-usion, which means National Hockey League in Russian.